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for Ryan Gets Caught

10/25 c1 Guest
I remember Crimsonclad and enjoyed all of those stories. It's a great flashback to see more in that tradition.
8/27 c1 9Mare43
Fun story! I always wondered what happened to Rosa. Hopefully she didn't have to go next door and work for the Julie Cooper. That would be too cruel. ;-) In response to your note at the end, I actually read Rosa's lines in my head with a Spanish accent. One of the perks of reading!

Thanks for writing. I always enjoy your stories. Looking forward to more!
8/25 c1 2Boxfin
So sweet!
8/24 c1 151Ally R. Swan
This was great. That is so like Ryan going to do his own laundry. He certainly isn't used to someone else doing it. I loved the question at the end, so like him. Even if he gets used to the living arrangements, he will still want to do his part and not want them to do everything for him. I liked how you wrote Rosa. Thanks for writing.

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