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for Until death do us part

9/18 c5 XxCarterFanxX
I can't believe Carla's died
9/15 c5 Guest
Nooooo, can't believe Carla is dead.
9/14 c5 CarlaConnor Lover
I enjoyed this chapter until I reached the end of it is Carla really dead?
9/5 c4 XxCarterFanxX
Love this!
9/3 c4 Amymikk
This is not what the Connors need and you would think that the play ya would have a bit more remorse. Let’s just hope Carla recovers and hopefully can put something in place that gives Michelle the right to look after the children. X
9/3 c3 Amymikk
I pray everything goes well with Carlas treatment and that the kids don’t get badly affected with the drama of Gail. Surely she won’t get custody and it’s not what Carla needs. X
9/3 c4 CarlaConnor Lover
OMG wow I hate this new Nick and no doubt Carla’s gonna end her treatment so that she can keep her children. Can’t wait to see what happens next xxxxxxxxx
8/30 c3 Guest
Fab chapter, would love more details about Carlas treatment and stay in .
8/30 c3 XxCarterFanxX
Loving this!
8/29 c3 CarlaConnor Lover
I have a feeling of dread the Nick is going to return to Weatherfield!
8/25 c1 Guest
Fab chapter, please update .
8/27 c2 XxCarterFanxX
Great chapter!
8/27 c1 XxCarterFanxX
Love this!
8/25 c1 Guest
Love this. Can’t wait to read more
8/24 c1 Guest
Love it .
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