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for A Night Off

9/11 c1 Guest
So dramatic! I love it!
8/25 c1 Guest
This is disappointing to see a chacter twisted into a monster by a author. Shame.

Lanie89 this author has a history of making Derek into a monster. I would go as far as say that his Derek is the cannon Derek. The one most of the fandom agree would be a good parent (maybe a little unconventional a tad irresponsible but a good parent)
8/25 c1 Guest
I hate to criticize stories, especially good stories with good spelling and grammar but this isn't like Derek at all. He's acting like a jerk and Casey seems depressed. Casey would never subject her baby to poor treatment like this and Derek would never behave this way.
8/25 c1 Marcelinavampqueen
I need more! It breaks my heart a little bit. Can almost imagine a second part where Derek gets home from work a different day doesn’t see his family before going out with the team again but doesn’t think anything of it till he comes home late that night and realizes they’re gone.
8/25 c1 Lanie89
Questions and no answers. Is Derek on drugs? What bizarre cruel behavior - she feels alone and wants company no partying and he gets upset?

If he's a good dad to his barely born baby how does he have the energy to party almost every night? Casey brunt or all of the baby work.

I know Casey is staying home with Lucas but does he spend anytime with the baby alone? Give her a spa day to relax? A night baby free to sleep in? No because he has this depriving mood to party all night long. Preteens would be tired next day so how is a grown old man partying then working and then being with a newborn? Does only Casey take care of baby? A few hours with crying baby would make me and most people avoid a loud drunken club.

Is he having a mental breakdown? He came off very unlikable and lacking reason or understanding, more of a whiny baby than his baby son. Does he even want his kid? Wouldn't a parent want to stay home with baby not party nights? He has to have teammates who are parents too. He sure is living up to philandering athlete who needs to feed his inferior ego.

Casey pack your baby up and go. Your mom will help. Edwin would be more mature than his older brother too. Derek and his party girls can enjoy their meaningless lives.
Did they even kiss?

I've read stories of young marriages who grow apart and this is not that. I also sense mild form of depression/baby blues in Casey and Derek not paying attention or caring.

You must not be a parent because Derek's actions make no sense maybe someone at work is drugging him. Grown folks with kids trying to hold onto declining youth have something deeply wrong with them. Does she leave? Does he even care running off to party after she's upset? What a terrible end I kept expending the end is him waking from a horrible nightmare of fears. No way to redeem who Derek turned into a uncaring monster

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