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for One Call Away - DASEY

8/27 c2 Guest
Thank you for not leaving it here I look forward to the 3rd installment. It’s nice to just have plain Simple dasey. I don’t mind complicated themes but sometimes simple is just plain good.
8/26 c2 Lindab
This is awesome and I am glad you're continuing with it.
8/26 c1 Guest
Yes for a two shot. I want to see Derek go after her.
8/25 c1 Guest
Would love to see Derek to go after her.
8/27 c2 DrawmeaDasey
Hey ! If you don't watch the movie, choose a bad one ! That's not fair for the greatness of the Breakfast Club to not watch it (no matter how many times you have already watched it) Just kidding, of course.

Aaw they can't really fight their feelings, can they ? Because even if they have never talk about it, they know in a way.
Casey's choice is really hard to make, but Derek saying "you are my priority" make it less hard to choose. Don't ask him to make the choice, just do it Casey!
No, don't stop here ! You can't ! Do a threeshot! I beg you! (Yes, I've read that you will and I'm relieved and thankful)
8/24 c1 Guest
Two shot please. I would love for Derek to go after her.
8/25 c1 9Ape Regina 1993
Love it!
8/25 c1 Lanie89
Ugh I'd love more! The more the merrier with them.
I loved how he took care of her as usual and their banter about who their "type" was

This was a somewhat bittersweet end with lots of sweet ness though not the end end obviously I'm sure they will see each other soon. I would love more!
Thanks for the fic tonight I needed something good to wipe out something bad I read.
8/24 c1 DrawmeaDasey
Interesting ! I like that ! "I'd take you -And I'd go". So sweet. Pure delight. I want to read more :D

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