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for How the Light Gets In

8/28 c6 Beverly
What a heartfelt story! Loved it so. Well written. Can’t wait to read another of your stories. Thank you for sharing!
8/30 c6 Chazidasity
What a wonderful tale. It makes beautiful sense to explain Louis' wise old soul. Thank you for sharing.
8/28 c6 58broncomap
Enjoyed this very much. Great backstory for Louie. Thank you
8/26 c1 Shane
This is an excellent story which I thoroughly enjoyed. Extremely well written. Yes, and the fact "How The Light Gets In" was inspired by Leonard Cohen's poem "Anthem" - adds to its potency.
Kudos to "ParkerPal" for writing such a wonderful story, and for being a fan of the best TV series ever made: "GUNSMOKE".

Ring the bells that still can ring,
Forget your perfect offering,
There is a crack in everything,
That's how the light gets in.
- Leonard Cohen
8/26 c6 MaryRoseEllen
That was a really lovely story, beautifully paced and well written from start to finish, and a perfect ending. Thank you so much.
8/26 c6 57lostcowgirl
Thank you for a final chapter that wrapped up all the loose ends, including Matt finally proposing & Kitty accepting. Your skill & imagination allowed Louie's tale of a love lost that needn't have been became the impetus for a love cherished to come to fruition in a way that Louie's & Annie's couldn't. Her death came at a time when Louie was finally ready to break his father's hold on him to marry his love & was the shove Matt needed to break the hold of his badge before either he or Kitty died & propose. Your choice of poems was perfect as well. Great story.
8/26 c5 lostcowgirl
What wonderful twists you include in this chapter. Louie's parents are shown to be selfish in that all they want for their child is to be the embodiment of their own lives continued as a perfected version in the next generation. However, until you took me to the final sentence, I had no idea what the final twist would be. Here were Louie & his Annie seemingly successfully thwarting the older generation's neatly mapped out plans for them until that "I never did". In this chapter Louie, thanks to your skill, shows both his strengths & his weaknesses & the reader is made to wonder just how his not returning as promised led to Annie's demise.
8/26 c4 lostcowgirl
So it was love & a pulp magazine that set Louie to being his own man. Suddenly, you have this female classmate approach him & in a short period of time broaden his horizons to include the unplanned, the present rather than the past with a planned future. That real includes the awakening of his appreciation for the other gender, represented by someone other than his mother. OTOH, you leave the questions I raised in my comments on the previous chapter not fully answered, making me want to read on.
8/26 c3 lostcowgirl
Doc IMO saw more in Louie than he gives himself credit for. That's why he wasn't surprised at Louie liking poetry. However, like the others, because alcohol was literally eating his brain, Doc didn't reflect on what Louie was before alcoholism took hold. In those last couple sentences of the chapter you capture the caring nature that he hid but was so much a part of Doc's skills as a physician.
8/26 c2 lostcowgirl
You wouldn't think an old man remembering his overly sheltered childhood would lend itself to a cliffhanger. It would be impossible for a less skilled writer, but you've done it. I want to know just what happened as his university graduation approached. Did he rebel? Was he able to form his own ideas about the life ahead of him that was separate from what his parents planned? Did he indeed graduate or was this the start of his drinking?
8/26 c1 lostcowgirl
Doc was always the one for literature, but I recall Kitty reading a borrowed book of Tennyson poems (it belonged to one of her girls) to Chester, who appreciated it. Matt, when he entered the LB scoffed, but you could tell he appreciated it as well. You artfully show how Doc knows the gentle side of Matt can appreciate such things. He also knows, in his personal wisdom, that Louie is also an educated man (chess player among other things) so it's no surprise to him that Louie would like the poets he names, particularly Poe who combines the romantic with harsh reality. Great opening chapter to reflect on Louie's final days under the care of his friends.
8/25 c6 52shari
I read all the way through. Poor kind Louie. You just knew it had to be something to break his kind soul and cause the drinking to forget. Love that Matt realized that it was time for him and Kitty

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