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6/12 c26 Guest
Is Izuku going to get one for all
6/11 c26 Guest
I’m curious is izuku going to get one for all
6/10 c23 1GhostRonin
And i only just remembered he toyed with Shoto and Bakugo who are in the top 3 for the strongest in the first years but then struggled so much agaisnt Momo. Wish this wasn’t so horribly biased just to make changes in the story
6/10 c23 GhostRonin
How she went so far by using the same tactics the entire time I’ll never know. And i like Momo a lot and agree she has a lot of potential but she’s definitely not a finalist for the Sports Festival. Her weakness is she can’t think on the spot, eliminating that makes her character uninteresting
6/10 c22 GhostRonin
He looks so incompetent with this fight. You’re telling me Tokoyami can beat her easily by just bum rushing her but Izuku struggles his ass off with multiple quirks? He’s so laughably weak compared to his canon self at this point that it’s hilarious. Him letting Momo believe he went all out just makes him look even weaker and lame, truly disappointing.
6/8 c44 14Guntherson962
Hold on, Izuku now has a Fire Breathing Quirk, an Air Compression Quirk, a Water Manipulation and Generation Quirk, and an Earth Manipulation Quirk... He's the Avatar, like no joke he's basically the Avatar.
6/7 c2 1Nevarus
it'skind kinda hypocriticalthat bakugo basically states that without his quirk he would be nothing when the same or worse can be said about himself
5/26 c21 Soul-Seeker-1406
everything's well and good, but izuku definitely needs a combination of decay, overhaul and rewind
5/24 c7 1GhostRonin
I just wanna know why AFO saw Navel Laser and was like, “Yeah, i might need that one day”, and then gave it to Aoyama
5/24 c6 GhostRonin
It’s a spar and she purposefully broke his arm? And I’m supposed to like her? Yeah, fuck that. She was already annoying now she’s just a cunt
5/23 c44 Rob Valli
Very good chapter love the relationship development
5/22 c44 No-Named-Dude
Izuku definitely has an amazing combination of quirks. With that telepathy quirk and that double quirk, he can pretty much communicate with his own clones. Talk about a powerhouse combination. I noticed that with cremation, that water quirk, and earth mover quirk, he is almost like the avatar from the last air bender. All he needs now is to get an air quirk and he’s all set.
( unless he already has one and I just forgot. )

Love the cute moment between him and his girlfriends in the bath. Cammie having a perverted mind when thinking about his clones was pretty funny. I also couldn’t help but laugh at how Momo’s dad is based off of Edward from Fullmetal Alchemist. Hope we see more of him.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
5/20 c44 S-Wanderer999
I feel sorry for the shock the Todoroki family will oon get, thanks to Izuku. After all, who do you think Izuku will go to for help with Cremation? Both Shoto and Endeavor will be eager to find Dabi and bring him in.

As for Izuku, I am curious about what Muscular's quirk is like for him? Normally, it would only be half the capability due to being a transformation-type. But Izuku was using several boosting quirks on himself. Did that affect Collector's functionality at all?

And Izuku is going to get even more recognition with the public due to his actions at the Summer Camp training. Have to give Shigaraki more reasons to hate Izuku.
5/18 c44 2darkblade2814
I really hope Toga's parents get what is coming to them
5/17 c44 1Lord.Lathiathen
double is gonna be so broken on izuku, my god
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