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for Collector Hero: Synthesis

6/5 c2 JackBlaze123
The sheer, complete and utter *Irony* of Mina (of all peeps) calling Mineta "Pervert" is level

Chef's kiss lmao

Camie atleast was an alot more understanding/expected outright dismissal of interest instead of hatred for exhibition of an open thirstiness she's also very much guilty of

I do hope Yagi's interest in Izuku here don't lead to him being in a "piece of shit" light I've seen him shoved in before

Besides that, I'm loving the fic. Really curious what AFO's thoughts are gonna be on him and what that'll mean for Shigaraki
6/4 c34 Guest
like the reality check for bakugo from all might and izuku. I feel that bakugo is going to do something really stupid like go with tomura and AFO to try to destroy the LOV by himself tinking "Im beter than deku, if him could fight them, I could destroy them" and geting a harder reallity check or becoming a villain when AFO give him a new quirk
6/3 c34 SamonIllmantrim
fantastic story and an awesome chapter!
6/2 c34 4thwallbreak
Oooh character development 0_0
Bakugo indeed is a fucking idiot. And that new move from Izuku 0_0 I honestly feel bad for All Might lol
6/1 c15 majored
great great grandpa AFO.
5/29 c34 neemoe18
Are you going to do the movies too
5/28 c34 forevegamedd
Is there any possibility of a Smallville story in the distant future?
5/28 c34 Guest
5/27 c34 28Kairan1979
Nezu is great at playing the cackling villain.
Looks like being around Izuku brings out the worst in Bakugo... and I don't see it changing.
5/27 c34 alecxlucas04
Great chapter can't wait for the next one
5/27 c34 1Nevarus
the problem with all might's thought process... is that if he was a villain, that amount of force is the minimum to take him down, and therefore, it shouldn't be counted against him at all.
5/26 c34 1Anoynim
There is something that always wronged me with Kaminari. He has such a good quirk being Electricity and he goes like 5 millions Volt (showing that the Author knows nothing about electricity lmao since at that tension you die instantly).
Because you die at 50V in alternative current (AC) or at 120 in direct current (DC). Anyway it's an anime trop of going overboard about that aspect I guess. (Even baguko I forgot when but he said to go slowly like 9V on cable to power up a system)

But kaminari doesn't know how to use it. I Mena he could have a railgun instead of its "electricity launcher" where he need to touch with its electricity pointer at a target with 10m range. (a military railgun is no joke can go at Mach 10 and has a range of 80km)

Anyway even if he would have a non lethal and weaker railgun than military (if he wanted to be a hero and not a killer xd) he would still have a great weapon.
Either that or he could himself change the power to adapt to the situation since he is himself the generator (a railgun need a shut ton of electricity to function) like he has a real railgun but he chooses to not go overboard unless he meets a powerful opponent.
5/26 c33 Anoynim
It's appreciated that teacher with weights have additional limitations and that you erased the trope of useless teacher. I mean even with 500kg, All might should have still moped the floor with bakugo and izuku if he was going all out.
And the exam was weird in the anime it was as if the teacher were Student's level in the power level. I mean being a student/protagonist will help you with a exp boost lmao.

I saw that Ojiro (tail man) was absent and replaced by Camie. To be honest he wasn't that much important in the story that I forgot him and I didn't even saw that you replaced him xd.
5/26 c34 Nathair1
this is a pretty great chapter

i'm really happy thit mina passed, along with denki

allmight NEEDS to speak with hound dog, in order to get past his PTSD

explosion boy NEEDS to LET GO of his perpetual rage and desire to win. otherwise, he's no better, or different, than endeavor

what will the training camp be like?
5/26 c18 jair.cardoso26
Wow, did you really F* # up todoroki greatest character arc for giggles?
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