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for Is It Wrong to be a Dragon Slayer in Orario

24m c4 epantoja521
This is going pretty well
1h c3 epantoja521
This is a Great chapter
6h c8 2Aurum Faea
Isn't igneel still in natsu?
6h c7 Aurum Faea
The minotaur doesn't even really seem to be the level of those body possession monsters he fought before? He shouldn't have had that much difficulty. But nice chapter!
10h c2 epantoja521
Nice start
5/17 c10 3striker sigma
I am so ready for more chapter
5/17 c1 Drcaus
Fairy Tail and Arifureta crossover
Natsu Dragneel

Rising of the Shield Hero and Re:Zero
5/17 c10 TheMexicanAttcker
Great chapter
5/17 c10 Zatil Hidayah Spensa
Welp, the harem grows again! Not that I'm complaining.

Are you going to give Natsu some of his power up later on (LFDM or DF), cuz that'll be fire!
5/16 c10 idharpatangari
Awesome chapter!

Looks like Natsu getting more attention than necessary, oh boy, that's gonna cause some trouble.

Also, just ignore those guys who told you about how Natsu's strenght should be. They either never watch Danmachi or just forget that this Natsu ain't that strong yet. The best Post-Edolas Natsu can do is take down Jellal who is a Wizard Saint (and that's only with DF, something he can't access at will yet)
5/16 c10 ericsofly2
Great chapter, excited to read more
5/16 c10 1Kriim-Sauce786
i would like natsu to join hestia, becasue with his hestia is, I fell sorry for her. she is small and new to getting members but I like er determination.

I feel like if natsu was to use a weapon. it could be one that can transform into many things. and can be a dragon slaying weapon. it could have come to this world 400 years ago like the eclipse gate but got trapped here. it could help make him train hard and be able to struggle against monsters he easily wiped
5/16 c10 ikusatsunagi
Thx for another great chapter
5/16 c10 Brendan1479
Not bad Natsu, not bad at all...
5/16 c10 Armsforme
is natsu weaker in this story?
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