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for Is It Wrong to be a Dragon Slayer in Orario

6h c8 gmergdzllex
Nice chapter, a little wholesome (? I'm waiting for the next one, keep it up!
1/14 c8 jose
natsu would be at level 4 because in the danmachi anime season 3 cap 12 when bell faced asterios bell was almost at the level of natsu, because bell leveled up when facing asterios
bell was previously level 3
1/16 c2 1Kriim-Sauce786
Also, becasue natsu is a dragon slayer he is able to pick up scents. I wanted to know what is gonna happen when he meets freya. She is syr in disguise so they would have the same scent.
1/16 c5 Kriim-Sauce786
I'm watching the episode where the people are cleaning the streets and bell is getting the stink from everyone when he is walking around with hestia. I think if this story got to this stage j think with how natsu is eh wouldnt give a shit about there comments and would pick a fight with everyone.
1/11 c8 roberto
natsu estaria en el nivel 4 porque en el anime de danmachi temporada 3 cap 12 cuando bell se enfrento contra asterios bell estaba casi al nivel de natsu, porque bell subio de nivel al enfrentarse a asterios
bell antes era de nivel 3
1/13 c8 EdoShadow
esta muy bueno este fanfic...
1/12 c8 ericsofly2
great chapter
1/12 c5 WoodenDraconis
I'm now noticing how many people are watching and meeting Natsu and just saying "How interesting."
Yeah, he's not from around town, deal with it.
1/12 c8 TysonG
Really good story so far. Though does bell not exist in this story? Anyway looking forward to the next chapter.
1/9 c8 roberto
a natsu estaria a nivel 4 porque en la pelea de danmachi temporada 3 capitulo 12 cuando bell peleo contra asterius parecia que estaria casi igualado con natsu porque bell subio de nivel cundo peleo con asterius, a yo sugiero que todavia no sepan el pasado de natsu
1/8 c8 roberto
yo sugiero que no sepan su psado de natsu todavia y porque no lo pones en la familia hestia y pon a END pero cunado llegues a la historia de xenos los moustros que hablan y son inteligentes a y no se si pondras los rayos de natsu
1/8 c8 Fairy Tail Fan
Will you show the others from Fairy Tail wondering where Natsu is?
Too bad that Erza wasn't transferred there with Natsu it would've been great.
1/9 c8 1fpinheiro96
Great chapter! Can't wait to see what happens next!
1/8 c8 1Kriim-Sauce786
Really loved the date between them as eina reminded me of mira. One thing that I feel doesn't sit right with me is that natsu is getting scared of erza and the other women when it comes to clothing or looks. I mean his character is like his own but a little oc in some aspects which I've come to accept him not changing because he is somewhere else entirely. But I think now he shouldn't be affected by erza mira and lucy but come to miss then doing it. Like this shopping trip, eina hadn't been harsh with natsu or made him carry alot of bags, I think for this he should enjoy these times and him carrying all the bags, he should consider as training, but a way to give back to her for a fun time away from fighting and food.
With him not joining a familiar at the moment, I dont mind ot taking long becasue natsu is going great for himself, I think he is going to the ball where he should look into one ( which bell did go to the ball and fell for freyas beauty) and hestia is the only one similar to fairy tail because that is family based.
Finally, I know it is out of the domain story in danmachi but i want to see more natsu and eina moments like these where natsu goes fishing or he just sits at the fountain looking at the sunset thinking the times he and lisanna used to do them.

Cant wait for the next chapter. Gonna hate it if this stopped so suddenly
1/8 c8 ikusatsunagi
Thx for the chapter
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