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12/8/2020 c4 14stillplayingpretend
Disappointed but you’re making the right choice, real life has to come first. Hope to see you back in a couple months!
10/8/2020 c3 jbcna
9/17/2020 c3 Guest
I have reloaded this maybe 6 times today praying for a new chapter. I will never close this tab
9/5/2020 c2 stillplayingpretend
Very excited about this, can't wait to see what happens next!
9/4/2020 c3 1CollisionCourse99
What a weird and wonderful story so far. Hope to see an update soon!
9/4/2020 c3 5Jolie71
I'm intrigued to read more.
8/31/2020 c3 21RainCityWriter
I liked this chapter. It's interesting that Lily thinks her mom is cruel when Harry and Ginny think they have set it up that Ginny is the good cop - it might be interesting to explore that a little bit if you get the chance. The pace of this chapter was better, and I liked the interplay between the characters. It will be interesting to see where it goes.
8/30/2020 c2 RainCityWriter
I liked this chapter better, you are gaining momentum. I also liked your Ginny, she was much more like Ginny in the book, sure of herself. Excellent start, I look forward to you furthering your story.
8/30/2020 c1 RainCityWriter
I feel like this is a very interesting start to the story. This is a fun concept and an interesting way to deal with grief. If hope that you have some deeper themes in mind as well, because I think this could be a really interesting look at the intersection between grief, consequences, and growing up.
8/29/2020 c2 10maribelcullen
I loved the story, the plot is new and it is interesting, I am looking forward to seeing the next chapters.

Ginny We know that poor Harry is strict where he is getting. Waiting for a new chapter

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