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for Planting a Flag

8/28 c1 Lanie89
Awww this was cute I always found Sam and D, C natural in their friendship
Sam is the only one besides Derek who I like for Casey though I couldn't see SC as anything but temp

This was a cute friendship fic about all 3.
8/28 c1 11Sorceress of Magic
Aw that was cute :)
8/28 c1 6feed-fat-tommy
Awwwwww I'm teary eyed! My bisexual heart needed this!
8/27 c1 38CalvinHobbesGatsby
This was beautiful, well done.
8/27 c1 jperks
Thank you for continuing to write and to share your lovely words. You are the reason that I became a Dasey fan. I had found your work years ago because of Glee, and I quickly became immersed in your wonderful stories of Derek and Casey. Thank you so very much for all of your efforts. I hope all is well with you during these crazy times.
8/27 c1 24TheBucketWoman
Soooo...Sam using the word "intrigue" and Derek calling him out on it. <3

Derek calling Sam by all three names...the pride flag on the fridge...

Lemme tell ya, this is exactly the sort of thing the world needs a ton more of.

And that includes Casey's flash cards.

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