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8/28/2020 c1 20Sephiria Arks
OMG CANDELA! This is a good on-shot, piece! I love it! It literally slipped my mind, when you messaged me that you were working on a suprise; so, you managed to surprise me, girl!
Amazing job on keeping it a secret from me, girl! Should we do one for SinWriter7? Then, we need to do one for you!
I was grinning and laughing, while highly enjoying reading this; I am impressed with it! Highly impressed.
And love you two, Candela! Thank you so much for this b-day gift, it's awesome!
Awesome that you use a Swedish word for the title, that's amazing of you to do!
Can't wait to see what you have planned next for your Total Drama Act stories! Thank you again for this cool and awesome b-day gift!

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