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9/24 c24 Raxatalled
Superb story. A fate retelling with a good epilogue is always nice to read.
7/20 c4 Guest
4/7 c24 alastorfenrinheil
marvelous story. love it. always love seeing a story where shirou is fixed.
3/22 c24 NulledVoid
2/11 c4 Dragon2234
I would normally write how the author ether doesn't understand how natsuverse laws works or the characters abilities work but it wont matter because this story is already completed so ill just say this story should be rewritten after the author learns how the worlds laws and abilities work.
2/9 c24 Darkanaklusmos70
you my man... are an awesome writer. This is truly a masterpiece...
1/25 c22 MatthewThePhantom
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1/6 c24 sUbSoNiCSoundwave
Ngl. I would love to see this incarnation of Shirou Emiya return in some form of a sequel down the road one day. Well done in adapting one of the most depressing routes of the Fate/Stay Night.
12/31/2022 c24 Guest
After finishing this story last week, and in celebration for the reveal of Fate: Strange Fake Whispers of Dawn, I'd like to pitch a potential sequel idea to this story. As between your Fate: Stay Night fics, I will say that Shadow Spear was the best one. And I for one would love to see a continuation of the events after this story and into the events of Fate: Strange Fake.

Fate Shadow Spear 2: Strange Fake

Set 5 years after the events of Fate Shadow Spear, Shirou and Artoria would pursue a shared career as Freelancers working for the Clock Tower's Internal Affairs Branch. Both Master and Familiar becoming one of the Clock Tower's most capable enforcers, both of them under the payroll of Waver Velvet. The former master of Rider from the 4th Holy Grail War over 15 years ago.

In 2009, the two of them would be sent to Snowfield City USA in order to investigate the events that would lead the Former Master and Familiar into clashing with the Servants and Masters taking part in the False and True Holy Grail Wars there.

One thing would lead to another, their original plans and orders getting derailed, and in order to protect themselves from an encounter with Gilgamesh, the False Archer, Shirou would be forced to transform Artoria into the Fake Saber-Class Servant. Thus giving her the power boost needed for the duo to survive and continue their shared mission to put an end to both Grail Wars before they can spin out of control. Where along the way they'd join forces with the True Saber-Class Servant, Richard the Lionheart, alongside his master, Ayaka Sajyou. A fellow agent from the Clock Tower.
12/4/2022 c2 Mernom
First, I think the terminology you needed here is a Formalcraft Circle. Summoning Circle implies you're summoning something.
I also find it a bit odd that Scathach would know the steps of Tracing. It was a technique Shirou developed as a result of not having any formal training, which lead to him figuring out things on his own, as well as his unique circumstances making it viable for him to actually pull it off.
With projection being widely considered a dead end branch, nobody would bother to put effort into developing it.
On top of that, she's not a modern Magus. She would only have what she learned, and as a warrior first, I doubt she would dwell much into arts that would be of little use for her.
11/21/2022 c2 Dasgun
11/17/2022 c15 Carlom2408
Of course Sakura is a bit paranoid, I mean, ok yes jealousy plays tricks, but do you think someone like Emiya Shirou goes with a woman older than him (Scatach)?
9/28/2022 c3 dukkeh216
I do not have a huge knowledge regarding nasuverse, but aren't "alive" servants supposed to be stronger than their servant selves? IMO alive Scathach should be superior to whatever form she had as a servant, so her saying that she had doubts about facing any servant (it did sound like that) is kinda ridiculous given that she is one of the strongest servants out there. Still the story is great so far.
9/14/2022 c4 andreevmix111
So far, in the process of reading. And I understand that the fic is over. But if she is not a love interest, take an active part in the war and all that. Then why is Scáthach needed here at all in this story, just to attract people here with her name (learning by learning, but adding such a character for the sake of learning and every little thing - what's the point of that?)? She then looks like an unnecessary appendage, I think. But that's just my opinion.
8/7/2022 c1 kevinthegoat0304
Feel like the ending with scathach was disappointing. Should’ve been better. Also we never get to see how deep shirou and scathachs relationship is. I feel like they needed more moments to show how deep their bond is.
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