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13h c13 2Ash the Aura Guardian
At first, the numerous grammatical mistakes and weird choice in words kept me away from this story. However, I just had to give this one a chance, since the idea of HF with a Shirou who hasn't quite given up on becoming a hero, along with my favourite Fate pairing (Shirou/Saber) was way too good to pass up.

After reading what you've written so far, I can see that you've made some much-needed improvements over the course of the story. There's still quite a few mistakes, even in the latest chapter (for example, Shirou and Illya aren't 'half-brothers', since first of all, Shirou's adopted and thus can't be Illya's half-brother due to them having no blood relation, and secondly, Illya's a girl and that makes it impossible for her to be Shirou's 'brother'), but there's a definite improvement in quality compared to the first few chapters. I think finding a second beta-reader to screen your current beta's work could make the quality of this story even better.

Anyway, not much else to say. Can't wait to see what happens next!
1/17 c11 Ratchetx7
Lovin the story! I have to admit, I thought Shirou was going to be romantically closer to Scathach after all these years and her teasing haha. Would have been fun to see, not sure if I've read any stories with that. Anyways, looking forward to more!
1/13 c6 Issei ODR
Scáthach se salvara?
1/13 c5 Issei ODR
Me gustaria que scáthach fuera la pareja de shirou o seria considerado como tal despues de su enfrentamiento.

Donde habria un choque de ideales. Scáthach desea la muerte a manos de shirou pero shirou desea salvarla aún si así tiene que derrotaria
1/13 c4 Issei ODR
Shirou x scáthach. En la batalla final entre maestro y alumno. Shirou cambiara los pensamientos de scathach cuando de todo de si y no quiere perderla
1/11 c13 MushroomMushroom
Nice chapter,
I liked how Saber was oggling Shirou, though could have been a little more descriptive.
Could also have been funny for Shirou to first notice how she kept her hand to nearly touching him and asking if maybe she'd hurt it XD
Though considering, he was still shirtless when the trio went back to the house and met Sakura, and she didn't seem to react to Shirou's state of un(dress)
Well, Scathach may well get her wish in a roundabout way with Lancer-Berserker-Alter Cu on the horizon
I hope you'll modify the plotline enough that Shinji has a soon coming and slow and painful death
1/9 c13 WolfrSaber
Oh No! Hahaha Shirou is in Danger!
someday Saber Alter will overtake it
and ravaged shirou..

you planning Fate Apocrypha after that Event
with Different Scenario?
Saber Alter Go Brrrr

or Fate CrossOver
but still
1/9 c13 7hyperomegasonic26
Well, I must tell you that this additional scene that you created before the events of the second film can kick in was very creative. A frank conversation between Scáthach and Arturia, two ancient legends of humanity, about what they think and about the events of the war, as well as the new Saber mentality that is now a fusion between their normal personality and that of Saber Alter, awakening in her the things she had been repressing for so long; her humanity and her emotions sealed when she became King Arthur.

Well, Angra Mainyu somehow managed to corrupt her, although not in the way he imagined.

The conversation between them was also very good, since Scáthach gave an advice for Saber to make the first move up on Shirou when it was a good time, although you gave some clear clues that Scáthach might decide to appear by surprise when the two have their first night together in bed and who knows, she teaches them both their "Friendship of the Thighs". After all, this teacher also wants to have a piece of Shirou for her as a reward after spending five years training him to be a good warrior and a competent magus.

Anyway, I see that things will start to heat up during the fight between Shirou, Rin and Archer against Shinji and Rider, who will take Sakura hostage in high school. However, as Saber was not absorbed by Shadow and will not be used by Zouken, the balance of power will be much more in favor of Shirou and co, with Shinji taking the worst in this part. I hope to see how Archer's reaction will be to seeing how Saber will behave in combat in a similar way to his counterpart Saber Alter, which will leave him even more amazed and wonder what his younger self did to her.

However the most important scene after the fight and rescuing Sakura will be the revelation that Sakura is Rin's sister and how Sakura ended up in Zouken's hands for 11 years, all because of Rin's father, Tokiomi Tohsaka (who I I confess that he is a terrible human being who wants to be a 'perfect magus' in the same way as the infamous Clock Tower believes that magus must be before all humanity and all creation and as a consequence). I believe it may be a good time for Scáthach to appear when listening to the whole conversation and giving her own opinion about what she thinks of the magus of the current era and their traditions and laws, as well as Tokiomi's attitudes and choices that led Sakura to a life of suffering at the hands of a totally monstrous being like Zouken who was no longer a human being in his opinion, but another monster like the ones she hunted and even more considering everything she must have heard from Kiritsugu in his brief conversations about the magus of the modern era in Land of Shadows.

Of course, Scáthach's opinions will eventually clash with Rin's beliefs and what she learned from her father Tokiomi about what it is to be a magus and a human being.

Another important scene that I imagine that Scáthach could get in person or not when it was time for everyone to go to Fuyuki Church and ask Kirei Kotomine to help Shirou and co to remove all the worms that are present inside Sakura's body (Saber couldn't entering the Church because she is a Servant and the Holy Grail War is still on course), because her bailiffs as a spiritual surgeon and Zouken's Worm Crests are invisible to the naked eye (at least for normal people). In the case of this part of the surgery, I imagine that it can be changed for Scáthach herself to perform this surgery in Kirei's place so as not to go to the false priest, it may be interesting to see it too, but if the surgery scene remains the same , at least Scáthach could go along to lend a hand so that she and the false priest meet for the first time and I imagine that being in hiding, Gilgamesh would see the former Lancer teacher in action, beginning to become interested not only in Saber, but also in the Queen of Land of Shadows.

And as you mentioned in one of the comments replied that Archer is going to stay alive a little longer in the plot, I imagine that the chances of him facing Shirou to try to kill him, as well as Gilgamesh too and of him meeting and facing Scáthach, the person who changed his I, the youngest he ever had the chance to meet in his original timeline, will be quite big and as Scáthach had said she became a target in Alaya's eyes due to her legend of being able to kill even the gods, I can imagine that Counter Force will be activated on Archer (even partially) to force him to face and try to eliminate Scáthach.

Well, we'll see what you have planned for Sakura's rescue scenes and how the worms inside her will be removed.

Oh, and a question. Will Saber find out that his Avalon sheath is inside Shirou? If I were to find out, I imagine that the surgery scene of removing the worms from inside Sakura, including the one located in her heart that houses part of Zouken's soul, would be the most appropriate scene for this to happen, especially if it was Scáthach who performed surgery instead of going after Kirei.
1/9 c13 Ochsee
I know that this is a Shirou x Arturia story but somehow I still wish that Sakura and Shirou come together. I know it wont happen.

Anyways, good job writing the story. I really like it and hope you will continue the great work.

Bye with my best regards.
1/9 c13 Uday Sra
1/9 c13 kakaroto1997
Good Chapter
1/8 c13 1740
sorry meant kara no kyoki or tsukihime like others went to apocrypha and grand order?
1/8 c13 1740
so will this carry on into something like kara no
1/8 c13 Franz Myers
thanks for the update I had not thought about it but I was curious about the illya theme, I suppose her destiny is going to have a different course than the normal and true ending
1/8 c13 M2R
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