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for The Penitent

9/13 c3 29RBGirl
Not only was that a perfect characterization of Ida but a perfect ending as well. Bravo.
8/29 c3 44Emmint
This was a good story well told.
8/29 c3 MaryRoseEllen
I had forgotten that episode but your story brought it right back, I can perfectly visualise Ida now from your description. Good story.
8/29 c3 57lostcowgirl
You have a talent for describing a person's essential character. In this case it's the very shallow Ida Poe. She can't see beyond money & men catering to her to realize there is more to life & that includes caring about, rather than using other people to attain your goals. The paying for the murder is probably the only thing Ida will understand when it comes to consequences of her actions.

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