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for Kitty's Secret

9/13 c1 29RBGirl
Excellent ending to the episode. I like the way they can communicate without words. Eyes can be expressive.
9/7 c1 tengland2
Always the hard way, but she does stand up for herself and protective of those around her. Nicely done.
9/2 c1 4Zipitupcowboy
Very cute story. Loved "Uncle Matt!"
8/29 c1 MaryRoseEllen
That was a good ATC, and I think you captured both Kitty's and Matt's voices quite authentically. Well written.
8/29 c1 57lostcowgirl
Thanks for a sweet ATC. It adroitly shows Matt's softer side, a major reason Kitty loves him. I always thought it made sense for the Kelks to adopt Thad.
8/28 c1 53Shellecah
This is so like Kitty's voice and manner. The tender portrayal of Matt and Kitty's relationship wonderfully shows the strong stifled current of Matt's frustration over resolving to respect Kitty's independence when he so wanted to protect her and take care of things for her, just as in "Miss Kitty." And though he tries to conceal his feelings out of his love for her, Kitty sees clearly how he feels and loves Matt the more for it.
8/28 c1 52shari
A little different take on Thad Ferrin coming to Aunt Kitty. Loved matt parting remark he’d take them to breakfast and the buggy ride. Oh by the way I’m Uncle Matt how sweet

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