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for hoping it's going to come true (but there's not a lot i can do)

9/26 c2 6Psychlinite
This was adorable! Great job! I like the switching perspectives!
9/9 c2 citylily
That was great. If you ever are zo inspired, I'd love to read more of Shawn and Jules having moments like this with underlying romantic tension.

Very cute when Shawn rambled about the seat.

Thanks for sharing!
9/5 c1 citylily
That was great. I liked the evolution of the movie watching from friends supporting each other to the start of romantic feelings (at least on Shawn's part)..

As someone who cannot deal with horror films, I totally get Jules' reaction. I smiled at her insisted "it just is".

I think you captured Shawn's introspective side well, as well as his serious love of movies and classic horror. The bit about not seeing the film is blasphemy and that it should be part of Jules' public duty certainly is in line with how Shawn argues for things on the show.

Nicely done.
9/4 c2 38smuffly
You write Juliet's thoughts SO well, taking your time to explore her state of mind but never losing the dramatic tension that runs through the chapter. I love that Shawn chose the diner where they met. I didn't see that coming, and it's perfect. I love the way you end the chapter, too, with that neat little echo of Shawn's thoughts. And I really love the way that we see Shawn through Juliet's eyes in all of your writing. As I have probably mentioned before...

So very satisfying. Even though it is only a small step in their journey. You make it feel like the whole world has paused for this moment of theirs...
8/29 c1 smuffly
You really have no need to worry. I think the way you write Shawn is just... actually, I can't think of one simple word that sums it all up. Let me try and explain. There's a Shawn that tends to hide behind the flamboyant behaviour, the cheekiness and humour, the skill and the lie. That's the Shawn I love most of all. We see glimpses of him on the show and it makes me/us care about him so much. You delve into that part of his character - that quiet, defining part of him - and bring it out so beautifully, especially in relation to Juliet. Not by ignoring the rest of his character, either, but by incorporating it in a way that works perfectly for the context . I'm gripped by the story when you do it, and my heart aches here when he yearns for Juliet but holds back because he understands that neither one of them is ready. Don't be terrified of writing him. Just keep doing it! (And thank you.)

Excited to see that this is a two-shot! I love the way you write for Jules as well.

And now I want pancakes.
(I also really, really need to watch The Shining because, like Jules, I haven't seen it yet.)

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