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for Massacring the Sparklies

11/10 c1 xxxKaizerZoldaxxx
This is really enjoyable. I kinda thought somebody would write a fic about this after seeing that meme with Blade hunting down Edward all those years ago, and I'm glad to finally see this story.

Also nice touch with Alucard there. I'm guessing you used the Mobile Legends version as you used his dialogue there lol.
8/30 c1 10Flashraven
Well, and this comes after enjoying, after almost a year of missing out on it the first time around after its November release last year, which I was denied of cos of the busyness levels which struck me at work, dearest now forever to be in all our hearts with his sad passing Chadwick Boseman's film 21 Bridges at long last, which I certainly isn't at all a bad film outside of his now forever most famous role as the great King T'Challa of Wakanda aka the great Black Panther, I'm on here for ya, Aragorn my dear brother. So, let's give ya my thoughts on the matter...

Well, t'is a very very jolly good thing indeed I ain't at all seen the 'Twilight' franchise then, though mum has herself, and yes, I know I've still to watch first time 'Buffy the vampire slayer' and 'Angel' but for the moment that don't matter, cos boy, just seeing our boys Blade and dear old Abraham Whistler and no doubt all the other characters from the different shows slay some 'Shitlight', as you and everyone call 'em, haha, motherfuckers was pure gold indeed, so boy did I enjoy this for sure.

Well, can't say anything much on Robert Pattinson, at least regarding 'Twilight', but on his upcoming new role as Batman, I'm totally looking forward to how he does as Bruce Wayne/Batman in next year's scheduled film, the new trailer is so awesome and Robert looks absolutely damn good. Though to hear what you say about him and his old vampiric role, well, all I'll say is good on him for saying what he did, I guess, it would certainly take real guts and spirit to admit that sorta thing, similar to what old Ruby Rose herself has now done by quitting her downright shit for shitholes role of Kate Kane/Batwoman.

Good job as always, our king, keep it all coming
8/30 c1 1Brainstorm Sorcerer
Now that was fun! Badassery beats powers (especially with 'Shitlight') I think we can all agree. Oh what joy to have the characters we love eliminate the characters we hate.

Just curious but which Alucard was this? So will the squad of supernatural hunting badasses return one day?

Feel bad that Robert Pattinson had to be associated with that crap for so long. At least he's made up for it, roles where he got to show his acting skills and now, he's the Batman, and a pretty awesome looking one based on the trailer. Maybe have him be the one to take down the Sparklies next, using prep time before finishing off Edward last, asking who he is and replying, after a severe beat down courtesy of the Dark Knight, "I'm vengeance." Stay safe y'all. Take care now, bye bye then
8/29 c1 Agent N
XD Oh goodness! I really laugh about this story, Aragorn. Only few of Twilight casts were still appear in either Hollywood or some independent films(or Indie for short) such as Rami Malek as the Pharaoh in "Night of the Museum" trilogy and Freddie Mercury in "Bohemian Rhapsody" movie & Robert Pattinson as Cedric Digory in "Harry Potter(and the Goblet of Fire)" series and Bruce Wayne/Batman in upcoming "The Batman"(or Batman 2021) movie. The others were either blacklisted(like Taylor Lautner) or bad reputation(like Kristen Stewart did in 2019 flopped movie "Charlie's Angels"; I prefer the previous reboot movie that starred Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore & Lucy Liu).

Can you please do another One-Shot where Batman(2021) meets & scared the heck out of the Sh#tlight characters?
8/29 c1 2adam199118
Yo, this is funny as hell. I got to say once again, you have a knack for writing great things all across the board. Keep up the great work brother Elessar. Stay safe.
8/29 c1 spiderman1fan
Another great one shot can't wait for more.
8/29 c1 107Stand with Ward and Queen
8Laughs* This was fantastic!

Yeah, their lameness negates their powers.

A few highlights:

Jacob getting called a pedophile (Because Stephanie Meyer apparently thinks imprinting on a baby is cool).

Everyone getting called emo puppies.

Angel and Spike mocking the fairies pretty to be vampires.

Angel's Batman moment.

Agree on Pattinson, he seems like he's a decent actor outside Shitlight (awesome and accurate name) and has smartly done all he can to distance himself from it.
8/29 c1 OmniUIShaggyOverexaggerated
Oh dear! This being a parody is what makes it even more funnier. I won't lie, Twilight is boring for the most part, and it's something I'll never watch again. The last time I watched was 8 years ago, I believe. Alucard alone would curbstomp the entire Twilight setting by virtue of being the anime/manga equivalent of Dracula. Hellboy can do the same. I never noticed how powerful Selene has grown, but she can kill the Twilight Vampires with little difficulty. It's true Angel and Spike are true vampires than Twilight's, which I won't lie are mockery of the Vampire genre.
8/29 c1 299Bl4ckHunter
* chuckles *

Nice one-shot and picture.

Yeah, I can see Angel saying something like that to Edward and yeah, Angel is Vampire Batman and I remembered when he said "I'm Angel." when he beat Lindsey in Angel 5x12

Don't really pay attention to Twilight, so can't tell on Sparklies. Can't say I feel bad about the Twilight characters at all. * snickers *

Yeah, don't blame Pattinson at all.
8/29 c1 4Arrowverse Fan 217
Nice one shot.

Loved all of our badass heroes in action.

Keep up the good work buddy.

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