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9/19 c4 Marie
Magnifique chapitre j’ai le sentiment que cette coach va remettre Walter sur le bon chemin
Beau travail merci
9/9 c3 Margaret Gautier
I have the jest of the story, but I agree it is hard to follow. Walter and Ralph spoke at 5pm. Ralph let Walter know, that he misses him, and he has slipped down, in grades at school, but he can get back on track, since he has spoke with his best friend
Walter tells him of a project, that the two can do togather. Auto Mechanics, that will provide compressed energy, and provide a green environment. The winner of the contest will win a large amount of Swiss $$.
Ralph asks his mom, if he could go
to the garage to work with Walter.
Paige speaks to the Centipede group. This is when the translation gets confusing. I think the translator has a problem with gender pronouns, reversing the male for female, and the latter part of story was a little rough.
The story is good,but if it were written by someone in English, it would be be much smoother.
9/9 c3 Guest
i dont know if it is the person translating this but i am lost nothing made sense some sentences were either not complete or just did not make ant sense.
9/9 c3 Marie
Merci beaucoup pour ce chapitre Ralph et Walter ensemble c’est trop bien
9/2 c2 Margaret Gautier
I really like your story. I hope you keep writing
9/1 c2 Marie
Superbe deuxième chapitre Walter et Ralph sont géniaux merci
9/1 c2 Margaret Gautier
The continued story is very good. I enjoyed reading it. It Wii be interesting to know if Richard Ellis has the island project for both Centipede and Scorpion.
8/29 c1 Margaret Gautier
Your story has a good start, and is looks very promising. Looking forward to more chapters.
8/29 c1 franxine bobo
i wish ralph was a lot older and really told her off how in the hell she thought walter of all people cheated and why did toby not insure her he did not and happy knows walter better than anyone and still accused him of doing something hanky and sly with his rotunda ass had a lot of nerve i wish someone would write that walter picked himself up formed a new team and found someone how really loves him. Good writing just check your pronouns
8/29 c1 Marie
Superbe début d’histoire bien écrit et belle intrigue
Merci et à bientôt
8/30 c1 stydia waige
est ce que tu va faire une suite
8/29 c1 48Grykon
Very nice start! Looking forward to the next chapter, thank you for writing.

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