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9/20 c5 1FranArian
Poor Ianto... Jack really owes him some major pampering for that pain and suffering.
9/15 c4 25missemmatorchwood
HA! That's a darn good joke! Very sneaky of Owen to distract Ianto that way. The cranky, snarky old medic really does have a heat.
9/10 c4 1FranArian
Irritating the snot out of your patient to distract them because they abhor needles, is not necessarily the brightest idea...Owen's lucky he didn't wind up needing a few sutures himelf. Dork...
9/10 c4 Eleana666
Cute jokes! I like That Jack was worried about Ianto. It’s a wonder he was not yelling at Owen.
9/10 c4 79jekyllhj7
Haha... Needed this.
9/3 c3 25missemmatorchwood
Owen really knows some HORRIBLE old dad jokes!
9/3 c2 missemmatorchwood
"You idiot! You're sitting on the mop bucket!" One of the best punchlines I've ever heard! Had me howling with laughter!
8/31 c3 1FranArian
Little prick just never learns...
8/31 c3 2Brose1001
Lol. I've heard the Jesus joke before. Except Jesus was a dobey, not a rotty. Funny how things shift depending upon your geographical location 8-))))
8/31 c3 79jekyllhj7
Haha like the Jesus one
8/31 c2 Eleana666
Enjoyed all the jokes. My 10 year old granddaughter did even more than I !
8/31 c2 jekyllhj7
Hahaha... These are good.
Sorry Ianto, I'd be giggling along with Owen.
8/31 c1 jekyllhj7
hahahaha... love it.
I adore Ianto and Owen together. Like you said, they seemed to have a brother relationship. Sadly it never got fully developed. :-(
8/30 c2 1FranArian
Aim for the crotch, Ianto...only place the little dick will feel it is if you hit his little dick.
8/30 c2 20DarqueQueen7
Okay that was funny. Especially the joke about the drunk!
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