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10/9 c12 sandysan2013
Bravo! This is my favorite ending.
10/9 c12 Guest
Loved it. Loved the way you bought them back together, it's entirely plausible that the rift could do this. if only we could get this back to tv !
10/10 c12 25missemmatorchwood
Bloody brilliant! What a wonderful ending! It never occurred to me that this was coming! Thank you!

Now, get your plot bunnies working on a sequel set in their future when they're out there in the Universe having adventures! Please?
10/9 c12 1FranArian
I was hoping that was where this was going... YES!
An engaging tale, well written, with a fantastic ending.
10/9 c12 I love Janto
Four days was not to ling to be gone.

Now the have forever. Great ending.
10/9 c12 79jekyllhj7
Although there was that moment I was getting ready to leave a less than pleasant comment, but...

Love it! Thanks for sharing this awesome story!
10/6 c11 jekyllhj7
*Crosses fingers* happy ending... happy ending...
10/5 c11 I love Janto
Ianto does need to go with Jack. There is nothing for him here any more. He also had to say good bye to those he lost.

Jack does get it. Now.
Now to see if it will work.
10/5 c11 25missemmatorchwood
Got teary-eyed when Ianto said good-bye to his Jack but starting smiling so much as the alive Jack kissed Ianto so passionately... just in case. That was great!
10/4 c10 missemmatorchwood
Thank Heavens! I was honestly so afraid that Jack wouldn't be able to take Ianto with him! Thank you!
9/30 c10 I love Janto
Jack took the risk and asked. Ianto said yes. Let UNIT have this hub, it is trashed.
There is nothing for him here. It is best for him to leave.

At least they will be together.
9/30 c10 79jekyllhj7
Yay Ianto gets to go with Jack!
9/28 c9 I love Janto
Comparing notes can be good. Or bring more pain.
Letting it out after five years can be good for Jack. Ianto does understand.

ianto does need to tell Jack that he wants to go with him.
9/27 c9 25missemmatorchwood
My heart just aches for both men... please help them repair the rift manipulator so that they can both go back to Jack's world! Please!
9/27 c9 79jekyllhj7
I hope they can... At least eventually... Find solace in each other. They've both lost so much.
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