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10/11 c3 ficintrest
That is a really well written story. You put them in a very loving way after she got shot.
9/16 c3 110SingerMe
Ya done good!
9/2 c3 4Zipitupcowboy
Always delightful to read a tender Matt and Kitty story. Thank you, looking forward to more!
8/31 c3 Beverly
Just what the Dr. ordered ! Fine ending. Well written! Thank you for sharing.
Waiting for your next story!
8/31 c3 shirley waldrip
Once again you have graced us with another delightful Matt and Kitty adventure . I started my love for them in the early fifties with small radio. Next came a tiny black and white TV with Matt and Kitty every Saturday night..I was in heaven.. I have been a smokie all these years and I love the fact that I am not alone. Please keep them alive by writing these wonderful are timeless and they mean so much to many of us who love Matt and Kitty.
8/31 c3 Sarah
Good outline of a plot, but you went from event to event and emotion to emotion very fast. I suggest taking more time to fill things out. Also the time line seemed off. You could be a good story teller if you took more care to develop your plot ideas. Just my friendly opinion.
8/31 c3 53Shellecah
Zeke doesn't seem to know he got off easy. He's alive and not knocked out cold. Maybe because he's a scared guy without a lick of sense, and I got the impression he's not big enough for the marshal to really pound on, so knowing Kitty will be alright, Matt reins in his anger. If Kitty was in danger of dying, Matt might bloody his fists on Zeke's face regardless of the guy's size. I enjoyed the whole story, especially this chapter. It absorbed my interest and has classic Gunsmoke Old West atmosphere. I like your writing style-descriptive yet lively with intense emotion that drew me in.
8/31 c3 57lostcowgirl
I have to admit I expected some complications before you ended this story. It all seemed to abrupt. Maybe you should have included the trial as the final chapter or some of the boys from Zeke's outfit trying to break him out until they learned why he was locked up. Maybe both. Anyway, it was a good story. I enjoyed reading it.
8/31 c3 52shari
You did such a great job of taking a cocky kid who truly didn’t think what he did was wrong and turning him into a sniveling coward when it came to his life. Such good dialogue
8/31 c2 Beverly
A fine chapter. Characters all well defined. Great story telling! I wouldn’t want to be in Zeke shoes when Matt captures him. Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait for next chapter.
8/31 c2 32ladybrit
Just read these two chapters. Great start - looking forward to more.
8/30 c2 53Shellecah
Your insight into Kitty-her cadence-shines through your stories. I predict Zeke is doomed. Whoever tries to kill Kitty ends up dead at Matt's hands, although Zeke's survival would make a fresh change-up, too. Whatever his fate, I like your storytelling and will enjoy the tale to the finish. Especially the sweet Matt-and-Kitty love, how Matt adores Kitty and she knows him so well and loves him just as he is. Great tension also ratcheting up to the confrontation with Zeke and how it plays out.
8/30 c2 nanajojo
This is a great story. Love it.️
8/30 c2 57lostcowgirl
This 2nd chapter sets up an interesting dichotomy. Will Zeke show up again in town or won't he? I also wonder if he realizes he didn't kill Kitty. You're doing a great job of building this story's suspense with your own twists & turns. Keep it up.
8/30 c2 52shari
A very sweet and telling chapter. Did a good job of showing Matt intuition about Zeke nature and his feelings toward kitty. Great story telling
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