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for A Treasured Gift

10/2/2020 c7 hgisler0322
This is such a wonderful story. I love the friendship between Rin\ Sess!
9/3/2020 c5 thereceiv3r
Oh no...
Loving the action scenes and surprises :)
9/2/2020 c4 Just In
Really like it so far! Their relationship is very well captured imo, looking forward to some action!
9/1/2020 c4 thereceiv3r
Great turn of events. Although seems too easy from someone as cunning as Doku...or supposedly cunning. Thanks for editing the paragraphs! Reads much better. Now what is Doku and his youkai up to? They just destroying themselves lol
8/30/2020 c2 thereceiv3r
Could you please separate the paragraphs by one space? Everything else is fine. I'm looking forward to what happens to Rin.

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