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for I am a brother after all

4/6 c4 1Ishiba233
And ichigo will NOT be a dumb I promise you that. Far from it.
4/6 c4 Ishiba233
well, for ichigo an unknown amount of time has passed for him. How long after the end of the bleach universe, I still haven't decided but it will be long enough for him to mature and have some change of personality. Him acting like his dad was just a way to remember his past in a fond way, like how his father used to wake him up. He probably have come to term with their death and he just wanted to remember all the fun and sweet memories, instead of guilt coating his entire being all the times. That phase has long passed.
4/2 c4 Guest
Why the hell was Ichigo acting like his dad to wake Issei up that's totally out of character and if you don't know where you're going take a break and rewatch dxd and bleach to get ideas
4/2 c4 Guest-Questioner
Ahem, I re-affirm my previous review!

Season four of the anime takes exclusively after the light novel.

Season one, to three, are virtually written off.

Ichigo Kurosaki, is no ones, servant, his character will fight because it is the right thing to do.

If he is asked to save someone from a life threatening situation he'll do it no matter what,
but even i believe, he wouldnt just jump-in, to save rias from her marriage, just because she said riser is "evil"...

Ichigo is stubborn to fault, and romantically blind because of responsibility, but he is NOT dumb.
1/5 c3 Guest-Questioner
Really, you have no idea on how, to move forward with the story?

The most BASIC idea, is to follow canon
(Issei serving rias because she "saved" him from raynare when she stabbed his stomach)

HOWEVER, because it is the most basic, most new people to highschool DxD, try to follow the Anime,
BUT unfortunately, because of that, they, do not realize, following the anime,
would mean their following a broken, garbage pile, of blegh (yeah it is that bad)

AGAIN, Season four, HERO, uses a REBOOT episode titled, EPISODE-ZERO, to re-align the story,
to match up with, the light novel of highschool DxD, where the series, truly, first began.

For the most part, you have got to, find the light novel, wherever it is readable by the public,
Online, to get through the, Raynare & Riser, story-arc's, or else, you may just want stop now,

If you truly have no way, to move forward with the story(just saying the blunt painful truth)

Next thing,

Making Ichigo Kurosaki, take Issei's place in the canon story, is, once again,
excruciatingly, spiteful.


There will be those, who, will keep telling you, to make Ichigo & Issei join rias, unconditionally,
because, thats how every, body, else, does it, and because it is the EASIEST thing to do.

The Really GOOD stories, come out of, not just, following canon, but making the story,
something different from what it usually is.

End Review.
1/3 c3 shazza085
oh it's about to begin
1/2 c2 shazza085
Well I’m excited to knew ichigo role in here
11/23/2020 c1 Cobalt Conrad
I'm scared because there is no definite constructive review. I don't really wanna dive in anything that might ruin my day...
11/4/2020 c2 Crimson green flame
Interested hurry with more
10/2/2020 c2 Trinix8
good start
9/2/2020 c2 Ki
Se me olvido logearme haha, por si te apetece hablar de bleach y si necesitas ayuda mi discord [ Ki#2074 ]

Ki ~ out ~
9/2/2020 c2 Ki
[Puedes traducirlo me da pereza a mi]

Por lo menos curiosa, muy curiosa la historia que estas creando, me es impactante saber que Ichigo perdio a toda su familia de la nada y mas encima que no hayan aparecido Urahara o Yoruichi o incluso los vizards, bueno pequeños detalles que se dejan pasar ya que es tu primera historia, una cosa si Bleach verse es superior en poder se refiere a DxD verse, lo unicos que son capaces en hacerle frente a bleach verse y darle un pelea algo duradera a Yhwach serian los 2 primeros puestos en el top 10 de dxd, y Ichigo true power que decirte del bankai es casi tan poderoso como Great Rojo y posible superior ya que es un bankai incompleto pese a ser el verdadero, bueno me voy del tema, estoy ansioso por el proximo episodio de esta historia, eso si recomendaria alargar la duracion de cada capitulo es eso solo una recomendacion, tambien si necesitas datos sobre Bleach puedes preguntar es lo que mas me especializo y sin decir es obvio me encanta Bleach eso no significa que como un fanatico obsesivo ya sabes de que hablo, sin mas eso es todo

Ki ~ Out ~
9/1/2020 c2 Guest-Questioner
Say that you ARE NOT, going with the old, join rias as a servant method, Please say your not!?

AHEM, My reasoning is this,

I have seen over dozen's, and DOZEN'S, of the SAME Bleach/DxD "trash" of,
Issei replacement,

in term's of story element's,
E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, that was meant to be issei, merely has the other story protagonist(ichigo)
replacing him(again, EVERY, SINGLE, INCIDENT, involving issei hyodou)

I MUST, try, and persuade you NOT, go down the same path as EVERY Ichigo in DxD,
story so far that i know of.

Ahem, as a start, Just kep ichigo OUT of the peerage's, and harem's...(primarily the peerage)

I have nothing against Ichigo working WITH the DxD team, but what I AM against,
is the generic path of Ichigo serving rias, or rather, being one of them in general.

It's almost NEVER, Ichigo,, REMAINING as he is, and working WITH them, it's ALWAYS,
join the peerage, join the peerage, JOIN, THE, PEERAGE, and replace Issei..!

I am so, exhausted by that already, i just want some variety already, and i was HOPING,
this could be it, although i know, i could be wrong anyway.

Here are SOME fact's, of the history, of highschool DxD...for future idea's you may have.


T.N.K The original company that actually BEGAN the anime, were givin as much,
creative freedom as possible to make a good t.v show, HOWEVER,
they ABUSED those right's, they abused them so much, that everything that was,
season one, to three, were all a bunch of cut & paste mish-mash of,
i do not not even know what exactly.

If you noticed the anime, season four, having a new art style, that is because,
an entirely different company was called into to draw up, and write out season four,

and all other's there after (yes highschool DxD WILL potentially continue the anime)

HOWEVER, it will be following the light novel's, as their one and only true, canon material.

Next up, Character personalities,

Rias Gremory:
Aside from the generic protagonist/harem girl part's, of her background,
what no one seem's to remember, is that her official background, OUTSIDE of anime/book's,
is always left unexplained.

Ahem, Rias advocates her species as the best of anything, primarily because,
she is a sheltered elitist with no real world experience.

She professes compassion & kindness of her family, a family whose very existence,
was originally built on the seven sin's, her very heritage speaks for itself.

She never actually had to WORK, for all that she has, at present, because they were GIVE-IN
to her, by her sis-con of a brother, Sirzechs-Lucifer-Gremory.

When it comes down to it, her logical, calculative side, is overshadowed by her pride,
If anyone actively challenged her pride, she would forgo logic & reason simply to prove
those challenger's are wrong.

Rias's own un-doing, is that she belives, anything she proclaims',
that are her's, are just that, her's.

Rias believes that the human world is her personal playground, that she can do practically,
anything, by just saying, "I am a gremory, you will bow before me and or serve me"

Rias professes her family, treat their servant's AS family, and so on, and i have no doubt,
that is indeed possible, but what of Rias's own peerage,
her queen, her knight, her rook, her bishop, What of them?

That sad fact is, while her character WOULD genuinely show concern, it is not enough,
to actually help them.

Rias's Peerage, are made up of children with P.T.S.D (post traumatic stress disorder)

Akeno Himejima:
This girl joined rias to spite her father, because she belives he abandoned her,
when she lost her mother, but what SHE, doesn't know, is that her own blood relative's,
The Himejima clan, are Shinto purist's.

Some of the clan is so set in it's way's, for some of them, that they would intentionally "remove"
anyone who is not a shinto believer, with extreme prejudice, enough of which,
that they would actually end someone not shinto(baraquel)
and not care for any collateral damage's(Akeno's mother)

So, Akeno believes her father didn't want save her & her mother, and out of spite,
She refuses to use her fallen-angel power, which in the Rizer fight, would've actuallly,
caused some damage, maybe even bring victory.

Kiba Yuuto:
A young man whose history, was like those of the old, "chosen one" aspect,
in kiba's origin's he was chosen by some people of the church, to be "grandiose" however,
he and other's like him, were betrayed by these, same people, and were meant to be discarded,

he only survived, because those other's that lived with him, sacrificed themselves,
so that he can live, and all for a mere "sword of victory"...was his hatred directed towards.


This girl was a surviver, of an execution, an execution inacted upon her very species,
in retaliation because of her older sister, whom apparently attacked their former master,
in cold-blood, when in-fact her sister did so, to try and PROTECT her.

Koneko's former master was secretly a supporter, of the old-faction, a group,
of underworld supremecist's.

Koneko's former master, was going to use her as a weapon to create a super-devil,
on the level of Sirzechs or more, When the older sister found out, she attacked the master,
and tried protecting little koneko, She succeeded but in doing so, put a target on her back,
thus she ran, trying to protect koneko from the "old guy's" prosecution's.

With that action, the entire, Neko-shou, species was brought to extinction,
just because the old-guy's didn't want another "incident" to happen.

Now, koneko, and her sister may be the only (NEKO-SHOU) left anywhere,
and koneko believes her power, her very species, are "evil incarnate" and thus,
she tries to deny that part of her, at every turn.

Gasper Vladi:
Gasper was born, literally, negativity incarnate "pure darkness" just before acquiring his,
Vampiric trait's, gasper however, is also a day-walker, and cross-dresser.

After Gasper became, himself, for a few year's he actually tried, just to exist,
he at least made one friend, in the form of Valerie Teps, an heiress with a similar,
yet not too different background, from him.

However, after a-lot of thought, Gasper chose to run, along with his friend valerie,
unfortunately, the persuer's nearly caught up, so in desperation, valarie stayed behind,
to allow gasper an opening to escape, which he did, without being able to know,
if his one friend survived(she did)

Gasper, in his escape, unfortunately came upon a small group of church zealot's,
who attacked and "ended" him. (Valerie Teps, was the one, to start gasper the cross-dresser)

All-in-all, Rias proclaims good intention's, but not once, has her peerage,
ever gone into therapy, not even in the official canon, it was ALL issei, helping them out,
Obviously protagonist stuff but still, all those year's, and not ONCE, any true therapy, not ONE!?

Ending Note's:

I would ask once again, that you keep Ichigo kurosaki, OUT, of the underworld.

Support them, yes, fight WITH them yes, BEING one of them, NO!

Perhaps even include Issei in that regard?

Completely human, Ichigo & Issei, working WITH the ORC, not AS one, of them...

Again, the same old generic route of,

join peerage for harem, join peerage because feeling sorry for red-head,

join peerage because of convenience, join peerage because, that's just how it supposed to be.

Nothing against, working with, only against, becoming one of them!
9/2/2020 c2 Vercingetorix Rex
Dxd is a novel I would advise you to read it if possible, the first three seasons aren't accurate, having had free reign, the team responsible for animating Dxd took liberties with the original work.
season 4 would be closer and more respectful of the novel.

you should try spacebattle and questionable questing these are discussion forums, where people can discuss mangas, animes, novels, exchange and post their ideas for possible stories, as well as post their own.
maybe by discussing you will get a clear idea of the direction you want to take your story?

Good luck.
9/1/2020 c2 Zexceed
El primer capítulo real de tu fic, me gustó, sigue así.
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