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9/8 c8 leftyred
This was a good look into Goren’s family life. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for writing more LOCI.
9/3 c8 2rindy713
I loved the ending! Lewis is indeed a true brother to Bobby. Frank is a mess, but Lewis is gold! Nice story. Thank you for sharing it!
9/3 c7 rindy713
Poor Bobby. And a Lewis is a true friend!
9/3 c6 rindy713
The pressure on Bobby is awful. And poor Lewis!
9/3 c5 rindy713
Bobby is definitely between a rock and a hard place. I am so glad his dad told him he’s proud of him!
9/3 c4 rindy713
Bobby is taking a beating from life, if not the gang! I am starting to worry about Frank.
9/3 c3 rindy713
Bobby dodged a bullet on that one! It’s cool that he’s working with Fin.
9/3 c2 rindy713
Poor Bobby. He is being torn in multiple directions. Hard to take care of two separate parents and be undercover too. I am glad he has Lewis to help!
9/3 c1 rindy713
Interesting idea to go back to this stage of Bobby’s career. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with this.
9/3 c8 20WendyCR72
I read the last few chapters. I am so sad this is over, but as I told you, this was a wonderful gift from you. It's my fervent hope you get some more inspiration and write when the fancy strikes.

I really loved this glimpse into early Bobby!
9/3 c8 Guest
Glad you are back. Nice story, but I miss Eames.
9/2 c5 WendyCR72
This is written superbly and I love your story. Is this supposed to be a bit AU, though? Because the show made a point of saying Bobby's legal dad never really showed him affection or whatnot.

Meh. Even if it is, I love the story. Chapter 6 tomorrow for me! (Doing a chapter a day now to draw it out.)
9/1 c6 WendyCR72
Between Bobby's parents and the undercover deal, it's amazing he keeps it as together as he does! Only doing a chapter a day to prolong the goodness. But thanks again for such a great "prequel"/origin story.
8/31 c8 CALUPA69
Very nice pre-story. Interesting BG learning on the job from Fin and just being one of the squad. I certainly hope there's more of this story to tell.
8/31 c4 WendyCR72
I love how you flesh out Bobby's issues with his parents and everything it entails. Poor Bobby. The strain is evident.
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