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for Glitch Williams!

5/29 c1 Sided Wolf101
Um... So is the actual Mitch Williams nice? Is he mean like the glitch version? Why would he all of a sudden call himself Glitch Williams? Why did Miko and Lexi body swap? And finally why did the story go so fast? All of these are valid questions. It's a nice story I guess but it was rather rushed and your grammar needs work. Keep writing though. Sided Wolf out!
8/31/2020 c1 CreepyROBOTcake2
I think you should improve the grammar in the story a bit, I hardly know what’s going on until I read the end, but I still didn’t get the full story.
And if Mitch was in the closet for two years, shouldn’t he be dead? I mean, no food... no water... yeah, just fix it up and then people can read it the way you want.

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