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for Selling Your Soul For Pleasure and Profit

3/26/2022 c3 amaan1234
Update pls
10/23/2021 c2 Ricee
... why the fuck wouls he accept?
8/24/2021 c3 Guest
Decepticon's - Decepticons

Again, don't use apostrophes in plural forms.
8/24/2021 c3 Guest
get out attention - get our attention

a spell it Pact weapon, they take an addition - a spell or Pact weapon, they take an additional
8/24/2021 c3 Guest
the beings faith - the being's faith
8/24/2021 c2 Guest
refusing to look at any one - refusing to look at anyone

the mans chest - the man's chest

Droideka's - Droidekas
(plural forms shouldn't have apostrophes)

do it's thing - do its thing
(posessive pronouns shouldn't either)

Please get yourself a proofreader, I've seen far worse polish, but it can always become better
8/24/2021 c1 Guest
Repeating yourself a bit here with the can't hurt/couldn't hurt, I would suggest rewording the paragraph:
it can't hurt, even if I don't become a reincarnated devil, making allies with the sister of a Great Satan couldn't hurt
8/2/2021 c3 Ravenjuubi
Great chapter
5/31/2021 c3 HighF
This is good! One of my favorite non good protagonist stories.
5/31/2021 c2 HighF
Another good chapter.
5/31/2021 c1 HighF
Great start to a gamer story!
5/17/2021 c3 Itachi0179
Great another bitch to Rias’s whims.
5/9/2021 c3 doubledamn
Azure? Oh that is going to be FUN!
Side note: anyone else want to see what happens if you feed a Galvanic Mechamorph liquid Energon?
5/7/2021 c3 1littleboyblack17
5/7/2021 c1 NotYourDad
Your writing didn't seem to improve. Like what i commented before, you tend to pace your story a little too fast. Your story still doesn't feel immersive, you tend to jump from one idea to another without expanding the first one and that leads to the readers losing touch with your story.
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