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for Selling Your Soul For Pleasure and Profit

4/1/2021 c2 JKingSniper
Hm hope he becomes independent soon enough.
4/1/2021 c1 JKingSniper
Hmm interesting. I was hoping for ghoul interactions lol. Guess they are different specie technically.
4/1/2021 c2 Slitherx679
Yeah that whole first convo went too quickly and smoothly.

I like how instead of spell books they are scrolls it’s a nice difference.

Oh shit a transformers dungeon damn I’m interested in seeing some robot butt being kicked.

Wait so he goes in to a dungeon twice in total and decides that’s enough to take on 4 fallen and maybe some excorsists AT THE SAME TIME. Quite foolish.

Ooh I like message spell how it’s a magically made messenger bird.

Has he not eaten at all. Wth he’s had multiple bodies he could’ve eaten that no one would notice.

A little disappointed with him just joining the peerage, as it’s so overly done, hopefully you do this well I guess.

I’m also a little sad that he won’t be levelling up much because the DxD world is really frickin dangerous.

See ya next chap, chief!
4/1/2021 c1 Slitherx679
The killing issue is so common but I love it way too much
I’m a little weirded out how he’s approached on his first day that make little sense. Rias wouldn’t risk an unknown she’d probably scope him out for a few days, maybe send Koneko to Stalk him. Also isn’t she like lazy asf.
Oh well
4/1/2021 c2 23jenes-db
4/1/2021 c2 SpeedyBanana
Nice chap more please
4/1/2021 c2 rangganarindra01
More pleasee
4/1/2021 c2 Sword'sfunPen'sbetter8P
I was actually going to complain that he wasted a chance to loot the ever loving shit out if the junkyard. He already had mending so literally everything in there was free reign. But you held back well. The combo of items is nice and gives him a reason to use the corpses.
4/1/2021 c2 12Sultan Asil Arslan-Hiatus
Rias better be cautious for kings are not dethroned by other king but by peasants! Feel like he'll start controlling her from the shadows. What are your plans for Issei? And can he become a Jedi with that sword?
4/1/2021 c1 Locnar4556
he doesn't choose rouge because they are outcast but chooses warlock to stand out more. does he want attention or not?
4/1/2021 c2 AkihitoTheExiled
slow world building.
just the way I like it.
3/18/2021 c1 SirIcarus
Hey like the story hope you keep writing on it
1/21/2021 c1 AkihitoTheExiled
Jarl is this fic abandoned?
cause honestly this had potential.
but then again no plan survives first contact with an enemy.
11/28/2020 c1 raven63827
Another good piece. Can't wait to see what you do with this one
11/27/2020 c1 TheOnlyKing
Hmm Seems interesting, I will keep an eye on this...
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