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9/12/2004 c6 123
yay for angsty yuri fics!

cant wait till you update again. very good story.
6/12/2004 c6 48psychedelic aya
Point one. I simply love all your stories!

Point two. Yuri's going to go insane. Yup. I can see it coming! LoL! But he's still so kawaii... anyway!

Point three. The masks are annoying. But Meta-god is more annoying... But I can't help but feel a connection to Grail mask... hahaha! He's so funny when you defeat him! ^_^

Point four. This is great! I hope you continue this soon. Poor Yuri! And I also love Roger Bacon. Haha! ^_^ Hope you continue soon! I love all your fanfics in this section!
2/3/2004 c6 36MikoNoNyte
Araschid mentioned SP for Alice at level 99. My idiot GS used a cheat to get that far, but she had 20. A measly 20 SP. I also refused to help
the GS since he cheated! Idiot!
Well short, but powerful. Getting a good glimpse into Yuri's working mind; not just what he thinks but how. And your supposition about the
masks; I like it. I wondered too, but never put thought to it. I'm glad you did.
The traveling priestess had me shaking my head; I got confused with Valentina for a moment hahahaheh. But then, he liked Valentina up until
the end anyway.
Nice addition. I feel so sorry for Yuri. I really do.
2/1/2004 c5 13Aberlemno
Oh my gods, that thing with the malice, and Alice and everything! I just want to kick things on Yuri's behalf!
*kicks computer*
Computer: *breaks*
Foot: *breaks*
1/25/2004 c5 9Naga
heheh... are you rushing because of me? :) Thanks for the quick update, and finally, Yuri is doing something about the whole mess!
1/24/2004 c5 36MikoNoNyte
"Only those with Malice can get in this door, boy"
You just know he's going to regret not having malice ... "How much more did I need until it was glowing red, when the doors would be open? ...The talisman was blue. "
Oh yeah, most definately. He finally realizes the truth; that's gotta hurt. I have such sympathy for him here as he has just hit rock bottom and there doesn't seem any way out for him or for Alice.
"so sorry if you don?t like it!" You must be kidding? Not like it? No, I LOVED it.
8/18/2003 c4 1Elf Fanatic Lark
O! the mysteries of dreams! Hmm...what could this new revelation lead to? Will the star-crossed couple be reunited? Or will poor Alice's sanity meter run out? Can't wait!
8/17/2003 c4 Araschid
Amnesia attack. Alice is gonig insane! .. well.. with just 13+(or was it more? or.. less?) SP it's no wonder. Whe.
8/15/2003 c4 13Aberlemno
That wasn't "off" at all. . .

Especially that bit in the graveyard when Alice doesn't know who Halley is, that was brilliantly written. And that bit where Yuri throws the ring int the sea. That was so like Yuri.
7/11/2003 c3 1Elf Fanatic Lark
*GASP* hOW COULD ANYONE HATE THIS? tHIS IS GREAT, too bad there aren't many talented authors writing about Shadow Hearts! I luv this game! Great job!
6/23/2003 c3 Araschid
Ahh! I reviewed for ch. 2 but ff.net didn't want to show it. Oh well.

The story's flowing nicely. *claps*

ff.net says there are already 4 chapters. but I only read 3. why? plus.. did Yuri's parents really give him a cross. I thought that was just an accespry he bought or something... I was supposed to say something else but I forgot about it. tsk tsk.

Keep up the good work! (How original of me..)
6/20/2003 c3 13Aberlemno
Very good, love the way this is going.

*doesn't have time to babble on as is going to be late for work*

Keep writing, it certainly doesn't seem to be going downhill!

*runs off in major hurry*
6/19/2003 c3 12Nights Mistress
Ah, Rebecca and Edward. The physical manifestations of Atman. Which leads to the question of why the opposite genders? Is it to demonstrate the duality of Atman, or something entirely different?

You're doing really well with the whole grief thing. The 'aw' monster made an appearance at the brief mention of the ring.

I have acted as a beta reader on occasion, if you're interested. And, my exams are done, so I can! (Just done the last one)
6/9/2003 c2 13Aberlemno
The brother doesn't look like him either- this is bizzare. . . . They don't remind me of them now so much though, it was just a first impressions thing.

May I have permission to go "I told you so" for half an hour when it turns out people DO like the plot? Please? I think people in the SH section must be pretty accepting cos nobody's flamed me yet. . . .Um, I mean the kind of people who like SH probably have open minds.

Nemeton had better be spelt correctly here or my site looks REALLY stupid. Neameeto I think has two "e"s but I don't know. . . . .

So are they going to try to convince Yuri to kill himself? I can think of a way they could do that but it's prolly very stoopid. *shuts up and waits on the proper plot*
6/4/2003 c1 Araschid
Uhh.. let me see. I had already typed a review but then something went wrong and now it's gone.

drat! Oh well.. another fic by none other than YOU. THE ALMIGHTY AEGIS! *Thunder starts in the background*

You know you better finish them all or else you're going to get vengeful spirits in your house *dun dun dun*

Anyway, on to the review!

The good: It was written by you. And everything you write is always in good quality. I guess it's obvious that everyone in the SH section is reading all of your stories.

-suck up!-


'Tis also interesting. But that's only because you revealed 1/10 of the plot. And by the gods, I want to know more.

The bad: It's short. Isn't that self explanatory?

that's all. Now go on and continue all your fics! I'll always be here to support you.

*waves white flag with "AEGIS" written on it with red paint* Go you!
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