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for Slipping Back

3h c4 Tsuki Banritt
Thank for the chapter !
9/22 c3 ChaoticInscriber
Yeah, playing along and not telling the kid makes tactical sense in the short term, keep him more willing to cooperate, but when it hits the heart like this? I can see Noct wanting to tell lil' Prom anyway. And he can argue practical considerations - they have all of big-Prom's stuff with them, including pictures, and if they aren't going to sneak off to hide it in the Armiger it would be inevitable that the wary kid would poke around when he thinks he can sneak it and would manage to find something. Maybe he'd assume the pics were of another clone if they hadn't told him, though the scar thing might give a hint of either doubt or concern that it's intentional to try and trick him or something. Should they run across someone they already know, they might exclaim about the "cute mini Prompto" and try to hug him.
Seeing them try to convince lil' baby indoctrinated Prom he is a real boy will be heartbreaking and adorable and a pleasant break from all the kidfics that try to act like the kid shouldn't be allowed to know they were at least temporarily a grown up and they don't remember. Sure as hell beats trying to claim time travel, rituals gone awry, or just plain hoping they don't notice it's the wrong decade or more.

I'm really curious to see if there are more hints of lil' Prom having echoes of his older self, more so than being the person who would grow into big-Prom accounts for. Like clinging to Noct over everyone else and every option else. He had good reasons, but how much was helped by it being his older self's best friend? Did he have those panic attacks (if not by name, and oh how heart-hurting is it that that may have been part of why he had "troubles worthy of decommissioning"?) when he was first so tiny or are they an echo of his older self shining through?

Does this Prom have a plush chocobo too? Would his little self latch on to it a little too easily, or be fascinated by the strange new fluffy creature? (If they meet any actual chocobo's lil' Prom is definitely going to get treated like a very small chick. They're probably a lot scarier when that small though - tall birdies! Alarming Feet! Punt lil' Prom like a football! Yikes.)
They could fetch a new one if he doesn't, if any of them spilt off to duck into civilization for a bit. Ideally I think, for his tiny suspicious heart and mind, he could watch and help make one, so there are definitely no trackers or weapons hidden in it, just fluff. But that's not so plausible at the moment. Well, not so practical, camping out so carefully while they try to wait it out/earn his trust.

Hm... I wonder how lil' Prom will react to learning more about Noct's back? If he's as young as he seems he i/probably/i hasn't heard about the attack that caused it yet, or to him it hasn't happened yet, so he i/probably/i wouldn't make the connection to Prince Noctis too suddenly just from that. Especially if he doesn't believe them yet about being deaged and therefore the Crown Prince should be as tiny as he himself is.
Still. He's most attached to Noct so far (it hasn't been long, that could fluctuate with more time awake around the group), and learning about health problems/injuries to his current preferred person of the area can trigger telling responses. Would he fret about Noct being decommissioned, or that he should be by what the kid knows but isn't and that fits strangely in his head? Would he be upset, because Noct is hurting worse because he carried lil' Prom. because he damaged himself for Prom or as an echo of his older self? Be upset just because he technically is a child even if he doesn't understand that, and not understanding something as big as someone willingly harming themselves for another would clash so badly with all he knows? Would he come up with an idea to try to help that older Prom used to try/offer? Know something he knows he shouldn't once he thought about it later but automatically acted on older Prom's knowledge/instincts? Or just further prove he's the same person, has the same underlying framework that could be built on?
9/3 c2 20AshesGleamandGlow
Doing good! Everything's been believable so far, good job! Baby!Prom is adorable and I just want to hug him and never let go lol

The Younger Half of AshesGleamandGlow
9/1 c1 Juanita
So he never came clean to the guys and now he is a kid speaking that language. Is this before or after he was rescued and knows his name. Why doesnt he know Noct unless his memory is removed with the age reversal. I hope he is at a age after he was taken from the labs. So mean to poor Prompto, lol.
Take care and be safe.
Thank you,
8/31 c1 6SF-Sin
I'm guessing Prompto was rescued when he a bit older than in canon. Wonder how old he's going to be?

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