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for I am tired of being alone

9/15 c17 17DS2010
Nice wedding.
9/15 c16 DS2010
Stillwater good destination for a wedding
9/15 c15 DS2010
Loved the shower scene
9/15 c14 DS2010
Loved Leon's shock at their news
9/15 c13 DS2010
Hot stuff starting with those two
9/13 c14 57mahc
Always a fan of Slibbs! Hope that they are happy. Thanks for posting.
9/11 c12 17DS2010
Hope she says yes
9/10 c11 DS2010
Wonder what Sterling is so angry about, is he not getting paid enough not to know what is going on.
Yeah Vance stay pissed you will need that anger
9/10 c9 DS2010
As if Sterling doesn't know
9/10 c8 DS2010
Hot stuff !
9/10 c7 DS2010
I look forward to McGee doing the interrogation
9/6 c6 DS2010
Damn what a mess on that ship
9/5 c5 DS2010
that is one reason to take the day off, getting lucky
9/4 c4 DS2010
hot stuff at the McGee house someone is getting really lucky
9/3 c3 DS2010
Love Jack and Jethro together they always seem to have that ease of talking about how they are feeling.
I loved Deliah walking
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