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for My Child is a Human!: An Emperor's Guide to Parenthood

9/28/2020 c1 12Paradox four
This is so much better then Luz Belos: Princess of the Boiling Isles. Because it's not just retread of the Story but a fun idea that should explored, while other is just luz is Belos daughter and there is no Tension or issues.
9/22/2020 c3 Pikanet128
Love this story
Very nice work on the characters
9/20/2020 c1 Kraven the Hunter
I love how immediately upon entering the Earthrealm Belos gets hit by a car. XD
9/20/2020 c3 7RedHood001
I love your writing style. The way Emperor Belos is worded here really gives an quirky and adorable vibe. I really love the way he just adores Luz already. It could've been the most ordinary rock in all the Boiling Isles and Belos would proudly treasure it above all his artefacts.

I also love how Gertrude is essentially the worried Aunt in this. Her character has yet to be explored but I can already see the overprotective fits that's going to happen.

I do love how Belos and Luz interacted in the first part of the chapter. Calm and peaceful. I do have a feeling that Luz may have inherited her father's quirks and also her mother's kindness. The way Belos reacted to that hug was expected since he hasn't been so affectionate with anyone but Camila. At least, in this story obviously. We know what he's like in canon.

I also love the dramatic flare he displayed when they arrived in the training grounds.

I haven't read your other stories, I admit but I'm going to guess that you're talking about the Glitch Techs fanfics. I have to admit I had to Google it to see what it even is. So it's a cartoon series on Netflix.

I will say that I am familiar with Amphibia so I'm definitely going to read your Sasha and the Frogs story first. Your concept is interesting. A role reversal is a common trope but I haven't read any fanfics of it for Amphibia yet.

I will definitely say that your writing is phenomenal and hilarious. The way you give the details isn't too much that it gets boring and the interactions are written in a very good pace. You're a very brilliant writer and I wish you a safe, peaceful, and wonderful day and
9/20/2020 c3 8The Keeper of Worlds
Loving it sooooo much here.
9/20/2020 c3 esmenko
How beautiful to see the fearsome beautiful to be so kind touches my heart how beautiful I suppose that luz will not go to school thanks that she is a secret
9/20/2020 c1 5T0mT0m
love it
9/20/2020 c3 4Brocki
Wow .
Cada día que pasa es mejor la interacción de Luz con su padre .
Esto me llama la atención , ¿ Qué más aprenderá en las Islas ? , Ciertamente será mucho más "interesante y potente cada hechizo" , quiero ver qué más tácticas Belos tendrá que adquirir para poder enseñarle bien a su hija .
Ya vimos que con la Dama búho es observación , creatividad y pensamiento .
Quiero ver qué va a ser con Belos ...
9/19/2020 c2 Coolskelton 91
When is the next chapter coming up sorry
9/8/2020 c2 7RedHood001
Okay, I just have to say. Whatever happens in canon, nothing will make this less adorable than it is. You. Are. BRILLIANT!

Luz is so adorable. And the way you characterized Belos in this gives me such joy. I know he's probably not at all like that in canon, we know he's ruthless and the literal definition of 'Looks like he could kill you, CAN actually kill you'. But your writing makes him, understandably, protective.

This is such a fun AU to explore. The other one I found on Tumblr is called Grandpa Belos AU by fangirlingpuggle. I will say no more, you just need to go to her Tumblr and just see for yourself. Use the search tag 'the owl house'.

Back to the story. I am so looking forward to ore bonding between Belos and Luz. I do wonder how Eda is going to come into play now. I could see Luz unknowingly making Belos more merciful or just holds him back from doing anything to anyone who would dare give Luz so much as a stink eye.

Luz: Dad, you can't kill them because they tried to sell me fake jewels.

Belos: ...Alright, little one. *he says while thinking of a thousand ways of torture*

And that's another thing. The emotional whiplash would be so hilarious. One moment Belos is just being so homicidal, then Luz comes into the room and he's just telling the one he's punishing about how good his daughter is at drawing runes.

Also... is Camilia gonna know about this?! She must be worried sick. Can Belos even tell her? Or does he require a portal first?

Oooooooooh, this could be where Eda comes into play. The Emperor just shows up at the Owl House and just calmly requests that he borrow her portal so that he could tell the only love of his life that their daughter is safely in his hands...

Yeah, that'll work out...

I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED TO READ MORE OF THIS! Very well done! You are a brilliant writer!
9/8/2020 c2 esmenko
I wonder what will happen when luz meets willow and gus and amity she will act like a normal girl
9/8/2020 c2 Eygptian dragon
this is awesome
9/8/2020 c2 8The Keeper of Worlds
My damned potential feels!
9/6/2020 c2 29white1498
Interesting...please continue this story.
9/6/2020 c2 OwlDragon
Very interesting story! I’m eager to read more. :)
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