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for White Roses Part 3: The Thirteenth Day

10/27 c15 max2013
WOW-Murphy's law in full effect-good chapter.
10/27 c15 7ErinJordan
please update soon loving this story
10/27 c15 MargaretA66
I would think since Allison has a key, that Frank and Joe will be quickly let go.
10/27 c15 Candylou
I hope belle tells Angelo off. He sure is a jerk, I'm not surprised him getting Frank and Joe arrested. I hope that fenton can straightened out that mess. And I hope Angelo gets jail time. It's not surprising he would pull that bull. Because they were just helping Allison get her stuff, and didn't she allowed to get her stuff? Hopefully things will be cleared up. Date when you can
10/27 c15 15angelicalkiss
well that didn't go as planned for the Hardys. Angelo is a little prick so that didn't help either. hopefully fenton can get them out of jail to get the next clue. too bad about Rhett. he sounded like such a swell guy. another good chapter!
10/27 c14 angelicalkiss
Osmond is definitely hiding something and I think Fenton is on the right track with going after the mayor. the mayor sounds like a typical politician and you are right about people voting in the same person over and over again for no apparent reason even though they do absolutely nothing to help their constituents. sounds like our current situation with several of our leaders in government. and now callie is getting the dates? thats beyond creepy and I dont blame her for rushing home. good chapter
10/27 c13 angelicalkiss
man that Alston chick is annoying. good thing fenton had the inclination of getting away from her before he read what was in the envelope. I wouldn't put it past her to put another story out there about him being in town. at least iola is okay...for now. is there significance in the photo she knocked over or just in passing. sorry about the delay in reading. im getting back into the swing of things now. onward to the next chapter!
10/24 c14 max2013
The killer is definitely screwing with them with the dates-good chapter.
10/23 c14 7ErinJordan
Please update soon
10/23 c14 BMSH
I'm lost but enjoying the ride!
10/23 c14 MargaretA66
Something stinks in Southport!
10/22 c13 max2013
Alston, you are an obstacle to be avoided at all costs-Iola trying hopefully leads to succeeding!
10/21 c13 ErinJordan
Great chapter looking forward to reading more
10/21 c13 BMSH
Your killer is creepy!
10/21 c13 MargaretA66
Interesting about Frank's feelings for Callie.
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