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9/13 c13 1Arsen1

yay, a new chapter! Poor Clyde... I'm not sure, how long he'll be able to push down his feelings. Please keep writing!

BW Arsen1
9/13 c13 CrystalWitch
I just LOVE every work of this story.
6/26 c11 Arsen1

OMG I really love that story! Please keep writing! I spent the half night reading, I couldn't stop.

Hopefully there's a Happy End for Clyde and Rey? I love your characters and I really like Clyde. He seemed to be a bit weird to me in the movie, maybe because I watched it in parts... but I like your version of him :D

I also like the way you're telling the story, you have a nice style of writing and even if I don't understand every word (no native speaker here :D) I still got the message, I guess. Also nice to know, that there open bookshelfs in USA too

I don't know anything about amnesis and psychology too, but your way telling about it seemed legit to me :D

BW Arsen1
11/13/2020 c9 Crystalwitch
This is SO beautifully done. I haven't seen the film Clyde comes from, but I don't feel like I need to, the characters seem whole and complete just from your writing. Rey I do know (sci-fan for 50-odd years) and this version of her, in this world, is so beautifully done. This is one of those stories that will reach it's end and I'll want to print it can keep it where I can always dip back into it.

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