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for A Thief who became a King

11/5 c6 Akvis
10/19 c6 reader977070
please update
9/27 c6 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
Jesus, how does it take literal years to get only this far? What is the point of this?
9/7 c6 Guest
please continue this is one of the best fics out there
8/11 c1 Okami2312
Sooooo..we’re not continuing this ?
7/18 c6 Fin
Question, are you going to continue this story? Because I really enjoy it right now. I like how you have devil May cry collaboration with this story. So I do hope that you will continue this great story six chapters and I'm ready hooked on it so I'm looking forward to the remaining chapters as well as seeing how Naruto react to known his sister alive and well. Please do continue, and I'm looking forward to the future chapters.
7/12 c6 Nova
pleace continue this history
7/8 c1 blacklightning18
I pretty sure Iseei will be jealously of naruto for having peerage full of girls, don't tell me naruto peerage base that is well-hidden from prying eyes are from armor hero: legend of light and shadow series, dude naruto give me serious yet humble leader vibe
7/2 c6 4Chronosign
Depending on how long Lieze has been in Serafall's service Ajuka has a concussive vasectomy with his name on it.
7/2 c5 Chronosign
There are fanfics on here that are straight up porn and rape fantasies that go back to 2006, trust me, you're safe.
6/25 c6 Guest
Is Naruto the storm that is approaching, provoking, black clouds in isolation? Will be playing that when the fight comes up.
6/16 c6 DracoKing30
Really love this story can't wait for new chapters
6/10 c2 Checkmate28
so naruto has the blood of sparta running thru his ancestral line cause it sounds like you gave him yamamoto
6/7 c6 g0dgr1d
Thanks for the chapter
6/6 c1 firebluebird2006
not really a crossover if this Naruto began life as a devil and never been through even a fraction of Naruto cannon.
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