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for Blowing it

9/20/2020 c14 Eleana666
Yes, I did enjoy this adventurous fic! Best of all, I enjoyed the ending where Jack tells Ianto how much Ianto means to him! I think Ianto could have acted in a more positive manner about Jack’s declaration. I know he wants Jack to love him ... and he does...both of them do. Personally, I think they both could have had some really happy moments there!
9/18/2020 c14 2FranArian
All the right mix of things to have been a brilliant episode of the series.
9/18/2020 c14 20DarqueQueen7
This story has been absolutely brilliant! I LOVED IT! Thank you for penning such a wonderful story. D.
9/17/2020 c13 26MissEmmaTorchwood
Love the image of Owen leaping about the place like a spider monkey on speed!
9/15/2020 c13 2FranArian
9/15/2020 c12 26MissEmmaTorchwood
Very, very clever, Ianto! I never saw this coming!
9/15/2020 c11 MissEmmaTorchwood
OMG! The shower scene was worthy of Benny Hill!
9/15/2020 c10 MissEmmaTorchwood
"She was a member of the Shadow Proclamation that was disrobed for accepting bribes."

What a brilliant idea!
9/15/2020 c9 MissEmmaTorchwood
I am so very sorry about your friend. Blessing of peace for his family.
9/10/2020 c9 sandysan2013
I’m so sorry for your loss. Be a blessing to your friends.
9/10/2020 c9 Dibart
Sorry for your lost
9/11/2020 c10 2FranArian
Oh, shut it, Gwen...like you'd be the one doing the clean up anyhow. Just use the invisible lift and get over yourself. So much going on, and it's still all about her. Ugh...
9/11/2020 c10 Eleana666
Funny scene although there was death in it! Poor fishy, lol! Ianto must have really impressed his brother-in-law with his bravery and wild abandon!
9/10/2020 c9 FranArian
The Blowfish just do not understand they are digging their own grave deeper and deeper...idiots. If they damage Ianto, Jack's likely to just napalm the lot of them and call it a day.

(Sorry for the loss. At least he was able to have family with him to see him on his Long Walk past the Veil. Virtual hugs, sweetie.)
9/10/2020 c9 Eleana666
So sorry for your friend who passed away! His family must be so sad. Enjoying this story and thank you for writing about our beloved Torchwood characters!
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