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for Love?

9/15 c1 Guest
I can’t Jeez Jack’s in love with her. And she can work her guarding shield against Jack all she wants, he’ll always smash it all down.
9/5 c1 2senorita17
I loooooved this, you're so great!
9/3 c1 sambayar
LovelyGreat writing.. Was on edge the whole time:D!
9/2 c1 Gryffindor fairy
Aye, of course she will give him miniatures soon.
I think this one is one of the best one shots ever!
9/2 c1 Anne
Perfection. This is how whipped Jack is. Your writing here is amazing, loved every part of this shot. It was like I felt Jack all the way through. Happy he broke through to get to her, she secretly wants him just as much.
9/2 c1 2GrapeCherie
I really like how you’ve begun to involve Gibbs and Scrum into your Jack and Angelica stories. They’re hilarious in their either disgust of Jack and Angelica’s relation or they act like the craziest shippers. Too funny, Gibbs was right.
This was a nice read, and what a long one shot. So detailed and I’ve got to smile at Jack’s boyish crush on Angelica. She’s so the alpha in their affair.
9/1 c1 152Buckhunter The Race Horse
Reading your stories of Jack being in a lovesick trance like this is hilarious. Well done, as per usual. :)

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