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for The Wavering Peahen

11/21 c5 29puppydogs68

Omg you’re torturing us...PLEASE...WRITE MORE! T-T
11/11 c5 2Silvanon of the Orchard
There goes Lila, digging the hole ever deeper. Love it!
11/9 c5 Guest
Uh oh! That certainly wasn’t part of the plan
11/9 c5 Soundwave
Soooo... Gabriel can't fix anything worth crap. Eh, figures.
11/10 c5 55MythGirl Writes
Aahhhh NaNo, hope everything is going well with your project!
I definitely think that Hawkmoth is gonna have all the "data" he needs at this point to come to a conclusion about the miraculous, haha. I wonder how much longer he's going to drag this out? Great chapter!
11/10 c5 3shippersindisguise
oh man, Lila’s not doing well. Hawkmoth needs to take that miraculous back and quick
11/10 c1 Sycamxre
Yay a story for me to read to the end! (disclaimer I only read g00d stories to the end)
11/9 c5 82KaliAnn
Clearly Lila is going downhill faster than Nathalie did. I wonder if that's because of age or genetics. Maybe some people are more likely to have the symptoms associated with broken Miraculouses.
11/9 c5 22Mermain123
don't have a good excuse? that sounds like a good one to me. i always miss your stories when they don't update but if your excitedly working on something else then getting distracted is fine! we don't pay to read your awsome stories
take whatever time you need
11/9 c5 ezethinking
I was reading this and had a random one-shot idea about an AU where Lila isn't lying about everything but nobody believes her cause it's so ridiculous. It would be more of a crack fic really. I'm not much for writing fanfics but thought maybe you'd be interested in it?
I think you do Lila fics better than any other I've read. It's less "let's have everyone crap on marinette and be angry and fighting" and more true to how the show really is.
11/9 c5 11SlumberingVoid
The Peacock is punishing you, Lila. (evil laugh!)
11/9 c5 494yellow 14
Oh dear...well that went well. Keep updating
11/9 c5 Lady Dominator
Very nice chapter

No worries on the wait, it happens
10/28 c4 LunaWolf44
Yay. Lie-la is using the miraculous to ruin Marinette’s life. Awesome. NOT. (Hope it backfires).
You’re a very good writer! The way you get into the character’s head is like I’m ACTUALLY looking to what they’re thinking is AMAZING! Great job, as always!
10/23 c4 Guest
Everytime I kind of start to feel bad for Lila, she just makes up for it by being, well, herself. I'm still interesting in seeing where this story is going though
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