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for The Wavering Peahen

12/15/2020 c7 55MythGirl Writes
That takedown was positively legendary, as was this whole chapter! I'm excited to see the last bit with Lila's reaction, haha
12/15/2020 c7 L Dominator
Very nice indeed :)
12/10/2020 c6 22IlvMLBCNTNSBFWFIYMHDisNickGirl
Yes! She got it!
12/8/2020 c6 ZoeTheDragongirl
Ooooh I am so exited! Maybe you could make an OC and she'd get the Peacock miraculous! And I know you may not have time, but I need some writing tips for future fanfictions!
12/7/2020 c6 51Raye of the Sunshine
I keep rereading this chapter hoping Marinette will solve the problem, and every single time I feel sheer delight that she retrieves the Peacock. YES! Good going Marinette!
12/7/2020 c3 8Nancymer172
If lila is in marrinetts class wouldent tikki and plagg be able to sense dussu? Or vice versa and then hawkmoth gets taken down cause he Is a idiot who forgot that was thing and also forgot that he is fighting teenagers who go to school and thus probably go to school with lila?
12/6/2020 c6 1FunBug9731
yay dusuu he deserves the best cute little peacock boi
Thanks for the amazing update!
12/3/2020 c6 Guest
Heck yes! Detective Marinette is on the case! Hidden objective retrieve Dusuu accomplished! Now...what will happen with Lila?
12/3/2020 c6 Guest
Wow. That was amazing. I've loved your work for Miraculous in general, and the premise and plot of this story is great, but this chapter has to be one of the best pieces of Miraculous I've ever read. I was completely blown away by Marinette's characterization and behavior, the obvious chemistry between Adrien and Marinette oozing off the page, and the dialogue. Really amazing and I can't wait till the next chapter!
12/3/2020 c6 Guest
YOOOOOOOOO oohhh boi here we gooo!
Great chapter, having Mari's point of view on this helps build the scene in a really cool way, and the way you've done it really makes me imagine whats happening so vividly. Great job, super excited for the next one!
12/5/2020 c6 2idkwhatmyfavoriteis
Love it so far! Can’t wait to read the next chapter!
12/4/2020 c6 2Silvanon of the Orchard
Well, that was an unexpected but very welcome development!
12/4/2020 c6 6Staria's Light
Man... When Marinette figured out Lila's identity faster than Chat Noir's... Dense or maybe love blindness. THIS WAS EXCITING! The build up to the reveal and Marinette's thought process is amazing! Good job!
12/4/2020 c6 4Swirlspot
I'm looking forward to watching Marinette puzzle out who Hawkmoth is while trying to use Adrien's comments as evidence without giving away that she is Ladybug. Will she be able to explain everything to Chat Noir without an identity reveal?
12/3/2020 c6 skonemar
Oh ho it’s getting real interesting! Love it, can’t wait for the next chapter ;)
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