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for Down A Rabbit Hole We Go

10/28 c9 Guest
Short chapter but love the family bonding. I hope you keep the story going, I want to see how Caleb deals with discipline with Ryan’s propensity to fight
10/26 c9 Guest
So I'm 9 chapters late to the party, but I made it.

I was invested in Ryan and his journey from the beginning of the first episode on the show and was on board to follow his relationship and how his bond with Sandy developed. How he'd have to deal with all of the traumas in his life was key. Trying to adapt to the Cohens' world inside their walls most of all was important. Newport was less. Having things descend into trivial teen manufactured drama mainly about someone else wasn't what I signed up for.

That's why I like how you're writing about the characters integral to the story and a different kind of actual, biological parent and child relationship although Caleb has been a very absentee father doing the minimum and causing Ryan a whole world of hurt emotionally and putting him a place for more of that from many others besides the physical abuse and that cost. So many scars at the expense of Caleb keeping his reputation and image in place and not doing anything to make waves with his "real" family. Poor Ryan knew all along where he rated with any kind of person who was supposed to be some kind of family. Hurt, neglect, rejection and abandonment all around.

Switching Caleb with Sandy in some ways as the father figure and the one closest to Ryan changes some things dramatically because of who that person is. In some ways, things aren't too different for Ryan because of what he's had to contend with and the price he's been paying. None of that damage just magically disappears. Injuries might start to heal on the surface, but there's so much beyond the bruises or breaks and stitches.

You reeled in right away with Ryan and Caleb when they were first in the room together at the beginning and I was still trying to put the pieces together, although I had a pretty good idea of who Caleb would be. I'd like to see what's involved as this unfolds and what kind of obstacles and challenges Ryan faces along with Caleb and if he really does put Ryan first for once. I wonder if you're hinting at some kind of friendship or bond between Ryan and Sandy as well along the lines of what there was at the best moments (when the writers remembered what mattered) during the show. Kirsten as distant, judging in spite of Ryan's link to her and how that affects Ryan is in character and it wasn't something that disappeared. I'm not sure how much of it really did on TV. Whether that is different here and how much she blames Ryan compared to her father is another matter and if Ryan is some kind of threat or unwelcome to complicate her life.

Thanks for this new take and a very different dynamic. Hoping that there's more to come and more of Ryan's honest emotions along with Caleb's.
10/26 c9 Guest
I just stumbled on to this, so it's a single comment.

You've posed and created lots of what ifs and a really intriguing scenario. I hope that you run with it and make it a family focus. I was so majorly disappointed that the show didn't and lost sight of Ryan and Sandy as the main team and most important bond. I'd like to see how you rework that with Ryan and Caleb, draw in all of Caleb's past mistakes, Ryan's pain and how it comes together now. There should be an angle for Ryan and Sandy too. A friendship with Ryan and Summer is already a hook. Does this mean that Marissa can be out the picture or barely mentioned? Please.

I'm looking forward to how you pursue this. You've had me feeling right along with Ryan and Caleb already, like I'm right there watching them. Having Caleb so humbled and admitting very serious mistakes and the harm that he's caused is crucial. Ryan's pain is heartbreaking.
10/26 c9 Guest
I'm not trying to shortchange you with only one review for nine chapters, but I just saw this and read all to date. I'm definitely a Ryan and Sandy characters and dynamic person, so that's always the draw for me, but I'm intrigued by the AU with Ryan and Caleb with this major shift. You write it very well and describe Ryan in very realistically in the new father-son relationship and their interactions. Kirsten is very similar to how she was with Ryan not just at the beginning, but for years, really, in various ways. it will be interesting to see how things play out with the Nichols including Hailey. The Cohens get to be more on the back burner, although I'm curious to see what develops with Sandy. Having a connection with Summer mixes things up nicely. I hope it also means little or no attention with her TV BF. I can dream! There are so many options with an original character or no one major at all. The show's writers made so many mistakes by ignoring the family stories that were so crucial and compelling. This time, Ryan's lived almost the same life and has still been abandoned and rejected. He was denied by Caleb who wanted things his way and left Ryan to suffer, almost taunting him with the occasional contact. There's so much to explore, so I hope it gets the spotlight. Caleb has a lot to answer for to so many people and so much to make up for, if he ever can, when it comes to Ryan. There are no guarantees with redemption.

I really enjoyed this portrait so far. You've included lots of vivid images and emotions.

10/25 c9 1castelar
this one is so cute, keep going like this, you are an amazing writer
10/25 c8 Guest
Can't wait for more please Update soon
10/24 c8 2BekaRoo
I love it and Spanish speaking Ryan. Please update again soon
10/23 c8 Guest
Please continue this story
10/21 c8 Guest
Need the next chapter
10/19 c8 Guest
Can't wait for the next chapter.
Need more kirsten and ryan bonding
10/17 c8 Guest
Love it
Exited to see where you are going with all these Characters
10/17 c8 1castelar
please update soon, I love this fanfiction many thanks from Italy
10/17 c8 Guest
Fantastic. Keep this story going. I love the Kirsten Ryan interaction
10/17 c7 Guest
10/15 c7 Guest
Need the next chapter
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