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for She Stole My Heart (and most of my valuables)

1h c3 11OMAC001
Can't wait to learn more!
10/14 c2 Dan bar
It's a graet story 0please make more
10/5 c2 16MysteryGirl7Freak
Look at Dipper and Luz getting along. Oh, Luz, you don't realize what a big secret you have revealed.

Wait a minute, where was Eda in all of this?
10/3 c2 Lumati shipper
Amati suddenly appears out of nowhere, trying to look as threatening as possible and says sees mine.
9/30 c2 galaxyeyes946
LOL why am I not surprised
9/30 c2 8The Keeper of Worlds
...Who the Great Gatsby is Mabel Datong is my main question?
9/29 c2 minerbuilder12
Great chapter!
All the characters mesh really well.
I hate the image of Dipper with that facial hair combo, the unfortunate fate of every young teenage boy who thinks it will look cool XD
9/29 c2 11OMAC001
Great intro for the Pines family!
9/29 c2 2ssjSega
I'm beginning to think that goblin fights are a standard Tuesday for the Mystery Shack crew at this point. Or Thursday, whichever works.

Now question. The Owl House canon revealed that Luz's glyph magic doesn't work outside the Boiling Isles. I'm guessing that's not the case here? Cause part of me can imagine joining the Magic Avengers at a later date and using playing cards with glyphs for weapons. Y'know how Gambit has his cards that he can make into kinetic energy bombs? Picture that with Luz only with her glyphs on the cards to activate as she throws them.

I don't know, the thought popped into my head an I thought it was cool.
9/21 c1 ssjSega
Hmmm, I like it so far. It's a nice, small fic that's pretty Slice of Life all things considered. Also, considering that it was confirmed that Eda did go to Vegas at some point in the past, it really wouldn't be too out of left field that Stand and her were married at some point.

Now while this next question doesn't tie into anything, seeing as it's very stand alone and chronologically, the whole Battle for New York hasn't happened yet, but out of all the Avengers, who'd be Luz's favorite? Same question for Dipper, Mabel, and Soos.
9/12 c1 Guest
Liking everything so can't wait to see how this continues
9/10 c1 galaxyeyes946
please make more it's really good
9/5 c1 71ADdude
So far so good. They seem fairly incharacter, I can't wait to see how they interact with other characters and how the story shapes out.
9/5 c1 Banoffee de Fairikaik
Loving this! I'm a huge fan of this crossover, so naturally I've been digging around and collecting as many good fics about the crossover as I can find. This one I'm really excited about and is definitely going on my list - please update!
9/3 c1 16MysteryGirl7Freak
I can actually hear the characters, you capture them very well. I'm guilty as charged for shipping Eda and Stan. The constant flirting between them would be even better than the Doctor and River Song's. Hope to see more
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