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10/20 c1 20HowlynMad
What's most interesting about Lore's introspection is that it's entirely human. All of it. Even to the point that some people murder as he did. And sad, that he doesn't realize it. Or perhaps, it's sad that the people that he killed didn't realize it. While presented rather (really)heavy-handed in the tv series, there are some really good tales in fanfic. I enjoyed this.
9/13 c1 56JWood201

As always, your prose is beautiful and haunting and so rich and full of detail and life, even when it's about an android. This is a really lovely analysis of Lore through one memory. You manage to conjure up the warm and sunny beauty of that day with the kids, but instill it with an ominousness that was tugging at me all the way until the gut-punch final line. I was just waiting for a clue about something awful that happened.

The analysis of how it haunts him, a being without emotion or feeling, is really interesting. The trillions of computations in his misfiring neural net is so weirdly human too.

This deserves so many more reviews and favorites. I don't usually get excited about Lore as a character, but you've concocted this masterfully. I've missed your work!
9/2 c1 102detectivejigsaw
*Shaking my head*
Poor, delusional Lore. He can’t even tell that part of his problem is his attitude towards other people.

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