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3/18 c8 127allyrwhitney
That was such a good way to end this story. Great job!
3/17 c7 allyrwhitney
This was so epic! So much happened in this chapter! I'm glad Cedfia helped Persephone. It was such a heartwarming scene when she was reunited with her parents. And her reunion with Simon and Orion was so sweet.
3/15 c6 allyrwhitney
Well, at least Persephone's aren't bothering her anymore. I'm glad she is getting along with Cedfia better. I liked the part with Orion and Simon.
3/13 c5 allyrwhitney
The Cedfia in here was so good! Cedric knitting is new. I don't blame them for not accepting the meat Persephone, but it wouldn't have killed them to at least try to it. And Sofia offering a fly cake right after the refusal was so lame. Yes, Simon probably would have eaten the meat Persephone offered.
3/11 c4 allyrwhitney
This was such a good chapter! Persephone and Simon are sweet together. I like her more and more as I read this. And she spoke! I liked the Cedfia in here. That ending was so like them.
3/10 c3 allyrwhitney
Wow! This chapter was awesome! Nice job with Simon. You did great with him.
3/8 c2 allyrwhitney
What's wrong with Persephone's wings? You did a pretty good job with Simon. I'm actually happy to see him in another story. Grintrix is so wicked! This is a fascinating story!
3/7 c1 allyrwhitney
This is a really good beginning!
11/20/2021 c8 116NerdsinaTree
A sweet love story. I liked Persephone giving simon dead animals, and then her declaring him to be her wife, lol.
11/18/2021 c7 NerdsinaTree
That was quite the intense journey. I loved Cedfia protecting and helping Persephone; and her feeling safe with them and seeing them as her family. Her reunion with her parents was heart warming, as was the one between her and Orion and Simon.
11/17/2021 c6 NerdsinaTree
Well I'm glad Persephone's wings are no longer being a nuisance to her now. Also glad she and Cedfia were able to make amends. And I liked the conversation between Orion and Simon too.
11/15/2021 c5 NerdsinaTree
I loved the cedfia moments in this chapter. Especially Cedric accidentally falling on top of Sofia, and the subsequent blushing. Also liked him knitting :).

I liked that they seemed to be making some progress with Persephone. But unfortunately that back slided due to the incident with the boar. While I know cedfia mean no harm, I perfectly understand why Persephone would be offended by their refusal of her gift. But at the same time, I can also see why Cedfia would be disgusted by it. Seems there's a lot of cultural and communication barriers for them to overcome.

I did like the mention that she thought Simon would eat it with her though :)
11/9/2021 c4 NerdsinaTree
Coming back to this story. I had taken a little break from it to reread the Simon stories that Aqua wrote, that you mentioned in the last chapter.

I'm glad Simon and Persephone were able to reconcile with one another. And that she was able to fully heal the scar left by Sylvester :).

Though I am a little concerned to see how things go from here. Especially considering how hostile, and on edge, Persephone is towards Sofia.
9/29/2021 c3 NerdsinaTree
I feel sorry for Simon. Being forced to use his dark magic again after he’s chosen to relinquish it :(
9/28/2021 c2 NerdsinaTree
I wonder what’s wrong with Persephone’s wings. Is she going to lose them :(.
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