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9h c46 mega1987

that opening shows that the nep bloodline is really weird.

and Uni's jealous... but i dunno if she want steamax to do that to her or she do it to nepgear... :P

what's up with the nep bloodline? they kept attracting tsunderes and lonely girls left and right... XD

and now we found out why plutie and pea got locked... and what plague sadie.
11h c46 8NepShrimpz
...Gingerbread men, really?

Also nice seeing Big Nepsy with the UD gang
14h c26 2Shiena
Peashy as a giant be was scary to imagine. Mainly because I’m afraid of bugs.
14h c25 Shiena
There are so many feels going around between Stadia, Ouya, Peashy and Plutia. That I’m Verts curious to learn more about their back story.
14h c24 Shiena
Why do I feel like Neptune is one of those harem anime protagonist in this story?
14h c46 johnnygat016
Awesome & a emotional Chapter Nanya ~

Especially for Plutia and Peashy ~ they were both angry due to their emotions clouding their judgements, i'm happy that they made up and forgive themselves for what happened in the past, i wish that IF from Ultra Dimension would see this, even in death.

Uzume is more than ready to sacrifice herself to save both Heart Dimension & Hyper Dimension from destruction, as for Kuroko she carry out her goals but have the words that Stadia told her stuck in her head.

it is a Golden Chapter, an amazing one, keep going like that ~ i love it
14h c23 Shiena
I’m glad the misunderstanding between Blanc and Peashy is cleared, but man you gotta hate Kurome. And Plutie... My goddess, Plutie, my poor girl! You deserve better! TT
15h c22 Shiena
Okay... this will be the only time where I think Peashy isn’t annoying because she’s actually acting older than her trapped age.
20h c46 5kimek
It was nice and sweet to see Peashy and Plutia making up after many years of unneccessary gruge between family members. Even sweetier was hug between them and Neptune.

And it was funny to see Steamax accidentally getting a "taste" of Nepgear's bosom. But situation quickly grew darker, since not only Kurome have Histy in her clutches, she also going to steal back her console.

And the end indeed a very heavy as Uzume prepares to sariface herself to get rid of her evil half.
1/15 c45 johnnygat016
Amazing Chapter Nanya ~ i can understand now the reason why Peashy and Plutia had their HDD form sealed away due to their emotions going wild and the destruction of a part of Planeptune, i can understand Plutia had enough to be like a scagoat even more than she is already, but with everything that happened until now, i can understand.

As for Kurome; she screw up things again, beat up Peashy and take Stadia & Ouya back into her clutches once again.

This chapter was Golden, i love it ~ keep going like that, this is a masterpiece and i'm happy to read your story ~
1/14 c45 kimek
Oh dear, seemsthat dinosaur cultists REALLY messed things up! Emotions ran wild in the emotional (and destructive) clash between Iris and Yellow Heart. Clearly, Plutia had enough of being UD!Gamindustri's big scagoat even then already... but considering all things that happen, I can't blame her.

*sigh* Okay, in present we have good ol Kurome (who got am "official" re-name by pair of Neptunes) to screw things up for everyone. She already brutalized poor P-Ko and now took Ouya and Stadia back into her clutches.

Good chapter!
1/14 c45 mega1987
from a very heart warming scene to a HOLY SHIT moment.

and considering pea's stat's is more geared on physical offense... without support, she's pretty fragile...
1/14 c45 8NepShrimpz
Happiness when?
1/13 c44 mega1987

definitely one complicate matter between the surface dwellers and the mole people of ultradimension.

seeing Stadia's anger against Sobar and the mole people, not to mention what the surface dwellers suffered from the said group, made me draw some parallels in the Real world situation for certain parties.

the stress and pressure from both faction really took their toll on both teams that they got only each other for support in such hard times...

I hope Neptune can make up with Stadia and Ouya after this mess as it definitely made their relationship alot more tense than ever.
1/13 c44 PlaneptuneNeptune
Okay seriously, it's been a meme for the longest time but, what did Neptune do to you?
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