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for You Are the Father AND the Grandfather

9/9 c1 13TerryGyimah
I can only imagine how the rest of the family will react when they find out about Clint and Aubrey...how Clint can betray his own son like that or how Aubrey can cheat with her own father in law...her husband's own father...I think I'm going to be sick because I can only imagine how Cord, Jessica, Kevin, Natalie, Rex, Bo, Nora, David, Matthew, Gigi, Tina, CJ, Sarah, Shane and Viki will react
9/9 c2 TerryGyimah
This just makes me sick...Aubrey cheats on Joey with not just anybody but she sleeps with Joey's own father Clint...I thought Clint and Viki got back together but if Aubrey was going to cheat with anyone I would have expected her to cheat on Joey with one of his brothers either Cord, Kevin or even Rex...or if she was going to cheat with a family member she could have picked Joey's uncle Todd Manning or his other uncle Victor Lord Jr but why Clint?

How could Clint do that to his own son?

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