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2h c94 LAzHellRaiser
I love the snakes lol "fuck this office"
12h c23 Rake1810
This story is fantastic but really your dialogue for Jet is far and away the best part. But seriously, best familiar I’ve ever read in a HP story
7/30 c94 Guest
So on that topic...Since Harry and Percy are so incredibly similar you could switch them and it wouldn't change the story(providing Percy doesn't have his bloodline power). Or straight up combine them.

Harry Jackson son of Lily Potter and Poseidon,a boy with many titles. The Boy Who Lived,The Man Who Conquered,Slayer of the Minotaur,Destroyer of Titans,Hero of Olympus,Lover of the Maidens(Artemis Athena Hestia,Zoe,Phoebe,Atalanta,Thalia or all,if you want to)

FanFiction suggestion:
Genres;Romance,Adventure,Hurt/Comfort and Humor
Harry Potter had finally avenged his friends,his family,and his lovers. But the damage was done,the Wizarding World was gone. Percy Jackson was a stillborn Son of Poseidon. The Sisters of Fate come to an agreement,Harry Potter must take Percy Jackson's form and save the Greek Pantheon.
7/30 c94 AdvancedNSeven
A Percy Jackson fan,eh?

(Looks toward The Son of Thor by darkgamer08)Zoe,Hestia Artemis, Calypso or all of them?
7/30 c94 Guest
Well… that was uncreative. So does she disappear without any actual harm coming to her? Like wtf? She just escaped?
8/1 c94 Admiral M
This has been one of my favorite chapters so far. Can't wait for the next one. And welcome to the Percy Jackson club! The Percy Jackson books are amazing, as is the secondary series Heroes of Olympus.
8/1 c94 Sylvezar
yesss another percy jackson fan! i would love a hp and pj crossover from you! your writing is amazing and those are both in my top 5 fandoms!
7/30 c94 Nicholas
YESS! BLOOD FEUD! Hopefully we'll see umbitch's attempts to get help fall on deaf ears. I like the idea of you making a percy Jackson crossover one character i'd like to see appear is lycoan the first werewolf. Please make a werewolf harry fic soon and FUCK ZEUS!(ment as an insult because lets face it he deserves it).
8/1 c23 3Ironhidensh
Okay. Jet may just be my favorite OC ever.
7/30 c94 EP
8/1 c39 Ater Souleater
Is this a harry x harem?... welp still good ngl
7/30 c93 Bruceman
You seem to generate fairly regular content. Its unfortunate that some dont understand that you are doing this gratis . Sometimes a storyline practically dictates itself to you . While other times the idea well is silent . Please keep on keeping on and I'll keep reading.
I have authors i follow that go silent for years at a time . Or get a muse pushing a storyline on them that causes a pause in the one i like.
7/30 c94 AVeryBoredTeen
I think this chapter must of been as fun to write as it was as fun to read! The whole idea of a blood feud with Umbridge makes me smile. Also how do you like the idea of a HP - Percy Jackson crossover with Harry being the son of the big 3 and his godly parent actually cares for him and gives him gifts. I'm not an amazing writer but I think you could do a pretty good job at a story like that. If you do choose to write another story involving Percy Jackson I beg you to not forget about this story or The Emerald Dragon. I can say with certainty that Silver King is my favorite story on the fanfiction website. Keep up the great work.
7/31 c94 Go-away1234
If you do a Percy Jackson crossover an idea that I think you would do well at is PJ/HP with Harry Potter as Percy Jackson and after the end of the Percy Jackson series you have him brought to Hogwarts because of the GoF.
7/29 c94 YP
Mate, you Are postponing umbitch's fate. Make it fast! Can not wait to see her destroyed.
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