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2h c31 Blue-Happens
harry has a lot of justified reasons for feeling the way he does, but if feels like an odd whiny wish fulfillment when you give him so many opportunities to just rant at all the injustices life throws at him.

It really pulls you out of the story, mostly because of how unlikely people would react the way they do. The teachers probably wouldn't give him a platform to rant, and even if they did they'd stop him when he becomes clearly agitated. no matter how objectively correct he is, the student body wouldn't entirely sit down and start agreeing with him. At least good half would hate him for nothing more than questioning their beliefs and making them feel dumb. Its not genuine, and feels wrong in the moment.

regardless, most of this is awesome, good luck with whatever you're doing these days
3/2 c97 Guest
I would honestly support your Patreon if your writing was actually worth paying for
3/2 c87 Guest
Frank Wick and John Castle? Really? You really couldn’t have come up with a couple new names other than switching Frank Castle and John Wick’s names around? Real original, no wonder folks talk shit about your “creative writing”
2/28 c108 Kittensilver1691
update soon please. i love this its awesome
2/23 c1 Guest
2/23 c108 Necromehanic
Очень интересная история
2/23 c74 nintschibintschi
Incredible story thank you amazing chapter
2/21 c45 dirty minded
sword?... or SWORD
2/21 c36 Jet
2/23 c65 nintschibintschi
Wow incredible chapter
2/21 c28 Guest
Wtf a vassal? Naaa bro that’s terriblr
2/22 c20 nintschibintschi
Wonderful story so far thanks for sharing
2/21 c19 confusedw00kie
it always bugged me that the way the mirror enchantment was worded quirrel should have been able to get the stone himself. but meh.
2/20 c25 2JDS62
For me, it's less that I dislike all versions of Ginny and more that I dislike how shoehorned her character is in the source material, a well written Ginny is a delight to read but one that follows the source is so bleh... so here's hoping she receives your standard for character development.
2/19 c107 drg0n-dud3
Can't wait for more XD it's my favorite of your works ️️️
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