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5/20 c10 Guest
Listen up kiddies, 'Uncle Harry' is going to tell you an important bit of life advice." Harry said

Dude they're 11?
5/19 c104 Guest
5/20 c104 1albert87
Nice story I like it.
Will the philosopher's stone ever make a come back?
5/19 c55 13Rowen-bsg
Almost spat my drink at Arcturus Black’s insult to Fudge. Well said.
5/18 c104 2Shran
Jet is one of the funniest OC characters I've read in ages, the scene of him singing the lullaby nearly had me in hysterics. I have to wonder if he is the smarter cousin of Snek from the "Snek is a good boy" Worm story. Snek's for the win! :) Love this story, keep up the great work.
5/16 c104 Azarios
Story Idea: What if Harry was dropped into Skyrim as a kid and gets ridiculously OP before being transported to the normal world ?
5/16 c104 Chiku11
Nice one till now...will definately wait for more...
5/16 c98 Chiku11
Severus...you obsessed greasy haired git...
5/16 c97 Chiku11
If i say so myself...it feels like voldy started lusting after harry potter thanks to his ritual going wrong and blood willingly given...
5/16 c80 Chiku11
5/15 c104 DragonicTexan36
This is an absolutely awesome story please keep up the great work. I just have a quick question how big is Jet now I'm trying to picture him in my head I'm thinking he looks like a Mamba but I can't think of the size other than comically small
5/13 c35 Mandoraekon
I know you probably already did his animagus form. But I think a raven works well for him.
5/15 c82 Heiress Tigris
Jet is my fav character
5/14 c65 Heiress Tigris
Spider-Harry, Spider-Harry does whatever a spider can
5/14 c64 Heiress Tigris
Ok, why is Harry facing monsters from Percy Jackson's quests?
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