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8/2 c95 Guest
The ending with the Wolves army... sorta idk, Potter may be claimed as another Dark Lord.
8/2 c94 Guest
and there i've thought that Potter will have someone always follow Umbridge under invisibility cloak to mess her up, cast spells and enchant her stuff till she's out of her mind. Or just annoy Fudge through press making his image as the boss of Umbridge to be incompetent which might've led to her being sacked. While also describing Umbridge in every way there is, how she behaves, what she does, get her secrets via the legilimence or potions.
Blood feud is indeed a working path but is somewhat crude. Making Potter look something like a hysteric. Ofc that's power what has almost the last word, but still may seem like he's lost the game of wits or whatever.
8/2 c74 Guest
hmm the most loyal ones die first, right? The ones who have contributed the most got actually killed right away by their...'creation'.
8/2 c65 Guest
i thought you were saying about getting 1 more girl... but well, let's hope the thunderbird will be able to shift into human shape later.. not that they cannot be comforted in their usual shape though anyway (ha-ha)
8/2 c60 Guest
yea, pretty nice to get someone become the captain of the Quidditch team and then just tell that 'no Quidditch this year'
Btw, the lightning in the sky - mby it's the Hogwarts' wards that show someone bad trespassing? Hmm..
8/2 c59 Guest
Jet is the main character it seems
8/2 c56 Guest
well, I see that this so-called "decency" isn't a thing with the girls in this wizarding world/fanfic. Makes me wonder about the Tonks (pink one) and those earlier claims of her being a...slut.
8/2 c53 Guest
well still there's the FACT that mother Zabini had many husbands and all those passings away of theirs'. But yea, there's this vassal thing that at least offers some sort of assurance (not like she couldn't just do some 'extra' for that offer I mean - make up a cunning plan based on those facts) - because still there's just the vassal's belief.
Not to mention that it'd might feel somewhat disgusting just considering doing it with someone of that mother's experience (not really that 'clean') - but yea, depends on the person and their state of mind.
At the very least there's a clever way to get into Potter's trust to... make him pass away in order for her daughter to free from the vassal's oath. Like when she'd use Potter to get away from that marriage contract to later get rid of him and get her freedom. And Blaise could've actually agreed with it in the end. Well, unless Potter behaves correctly at the very least and would marry her daughter. The typical.
And I wonder, would the vassals have their own share of their masters' fortune. The inheritance. Though yea, going after Potter is risky (on public), but then knowing that there's Voldemort around to kill Potter... a chance, isn't it?! While Potter isn't the man to put someone in danger, so the daughter is mostly safe. And if she offers Potters' location to someone of V-mort's allegiance... well there's even the greater boon on the way, I suppose. In case Vmort accomplishes his goals, and in case not - Potter is Slytherin and there's all sorts of people around him, so one more to doubt, one less.
8/2 c52 Guest
weeell, can't say I truly dislike this mother Zabini turn but being cautious wouldn't really be excessive, especially with someone of her's reputation (and even then she's able to ensnare another 'victims'). This sort of stuff better'd be described as wet-dreams and not reality stuff. Not that I would've refused such 'treatment', especially if it'd happen the same way and at that age. And the doubts would've just quickly flewn past one's mind.
And yea, there's different opinions to how free ones should express themselves through sexual activity and different life outcomes and expectations.
Poor Blaise though...
8/1 c42 Guest
physical relationship... well, considerin them as wizards with whatever spells to avoid baby then supposedly it isn't that much bad - just thinking that without romantic relationship physical one may be pretty...risky to affect the remainder of the life (and also the trauma for the child). I happened to realise that it indeed feels as a quite welcomed idea about their relationship, but then I'm just stuck with "no fleeting relationships" - it's also not pleasant to know that the person will just go away to someone else after whatever you've had established with them. So if just for fun and time-spending activity then i suppose it's not really welcomed. However it's just and opinion.
8/1 c14 Guest
still getting suspicious of the Zabini girl... considering her mother's reputation
8/1 c12 Guest
"He thought that even though Petunia Dursley didn't get along with her own sister, she wouldn't be cruel enough to channel her hatred at a child."
check out the Snape guy next to you
7/26 c105 bkerrmom1
I am looking forward to seeing what comes next !
7/26 c104 bkerrmom1
Congratulations on your marriage!
7/24 c36 bkerrmom1
Be careful! I hurt my health badly by working 3 jobs and barely sleeping. I understand truly that bills need to be paid but try not to let the payment come at the cost of your health.
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