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9/3/2020 c1 retired10
I loved this start to the story! Brilliant chapter! Love the snake..I'm looking forward to finding out the story of the mom and why she left her snakelet for Harry! You indicated that the pairing might not be Daphne so I wondered if you do change it, and it must be a girl, I think Luna is a much better choice! If you want a make pairing, there's Severus, Draco, Blaise, Theo, etc. I'm really looking forward to reading more! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent and stories!
9/3/2020 c1 torvalds42
This seems like an interesting beginning, what with the lightning/Thunderbird. Of course the snake is a trope, but not overused, and led to some of the best fics in the fandom!
So I will be sure to keep reading, as I enjoyed your works so far!
So good luck with the next chaptera!
9/3/2020 c1 deathious
love your story's
9/3/2020 c1 A Frozen Shadow
Love a Slytherin Harry, can’t wait to
9/3/2020 c1 steve.moore.9081323
More please
9/3/2020 c1 TheDemon1911
the big question is now, what kind of snake is it?

ps. justbord21, i tink this story will b something you like, even if it doesnt have the bashings you usually use. it is also harry mets a snake (basilisk) before hogwarts:
Serpentine By: darkfire1220
9/3/2020 c1 zero fullbuster
Love it.
Please write more.
9/3/2020 c1 zippydip
Another one excellent
9/3/2020 c1 Basilisk Girl67834
It seems interesting so far!
9/3/2020 c1 4Khatix
Like the fic so far!

About your comment on the pairing, in Apex you said you would make a Harry/Astoria fic later. This could be Harry/Astoria and perhaps Daphne/Ginny seeing how you like both Daphne and Ginny as pairings for Harry and if not with him then each other.
9/3/2020 c1 NazgulBelserion
Ohhh shit it's M Night 21 back with another story lol this man mudt dream about Harry Potter all the time at this point haha.
9/3/2020 c1 2Silver-Dragon66
Well this look interesting as usual, and I am especially looking forward to see what happens with the scar changed.
9/3/2020 c1 demonboy121986
Sounds like a amazing start to a new story
9/3/2020 c1 7DeadDredd
Any idea on when you plan to update Damaged Raven? Also what pairing can we expect from this besides Harry/Daphne? Keep up the good work!
9/3/2020 c1 Buildingcross
Please tell me that walrus will be bitten and die or at the very least injured.
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