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for The night of the revolving door

9/6 c2 1Green Meadow1870
I’ve tried to give your story another chance, but I ended up just skimming through it because it still is hard to understand.

Looking over some of your other stories dating back to 2015 it’s very clear that you haven’t tried to improve your writing. Are you just to proud to accept advice?

I’m sorry if I sounded harsh I just believe that you could do a lot better, and it saddens me to see that you haven’t improved after 5 years of writing on this site.
9/3 c1 Green Meadow1870
I think your story has a lot of potential, but I’m afraid that the many grammar mistakes make it extremely hard to read and enjoy.

I would like to kindly suggest that you either take more time proof reading your stories or ask a beta reader for help.

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