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10/26 c1 Guest
I was reading A Real Family and checking for more, but didn't expect this. Of course you make so many points of how Ryan put no value or worth on himself. Also, there's how much he has changed people and lives forever in ways no one ever imagined and he did it so unobtrusively. The boy who had to be invisible is gone too soon. My heart was breaking for him, but especially for Sandy and all of the guilt that he would feel for what he did, hadn't done, couldn't control and more.
10/25 c1 Guest
That was a rollercoaster. The irony is that Ryan had only been around any of them for a brief time, that he wasn't welcome- except by Sandy- at first, stayed in the background, and was incredibly quiet. However, he was a powerful presence and changed lives even if people didn't want him to be there or have any impact.

The most moving and last part of this is Sandy's reaction. He would have the most to come to terms with as the one closest to Ryan and the one responsible for him.

I'd been reading your other story and was hoping for an update, so I'm glad that you've been writing, even if you made me cry and killed Ryan.
9/30 c1 Uia
well that was sad but great writing
9/4 c1 146Linneagb
Owwwwwwww. My poor heart. How dare you break it like this? This one is just so... well, heartbreaaking, and the way Seth is just in chock and doesn't realize what's going on just breaks your heart all over again. I would say thank you for writing and sharing but I'm not so sure. It's well written anyhow.

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