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9/26/2020 c1 2Ultimate Alien X
so far so good, just hope you can make the chapters longer, and as for which elements to use that comes to mind is the bio-merge Digivolution and digi-modify and for the Digimon partner I have three that come to mind if you're willing to use them
Elecmon bio-merge to Jupitermon (Digimon Zeus)
Lunamon bio-merge to Dianamon (Digimon Artemis)
Coronamon bio-merge to Apollomon (Digimon Apollo)
each was chosen for a few reasons the first one though is that of his blood he is the son of an Olympian God so it should stand to reason that his Digimon partner should have the capability of being able to become an Olympus12 Digimon, 2nd if you choose either Lunamon or Coronamon it would be for the irony that Percy sucks at archery normally but as either Apollomon or Dianamon he becomes a pro seeing as they are the Digimon equivalents of the twin archers respectively, 3rd if you choose Elecmon as his partner Digimon he would be able to become Jupitermon the Digimon equivalent of Zeus and the King of the Digital World's Olympus, 4th on the off chance you choose between the three would be the reaction of the Olympians the three Digimon's Mega forms represent how would Apollo react to a more noble and strict version of himself that wasn't his Roman counterpart how would Zeus react to seeing his brother's son being able to merge with a digital entity to become a better version of himself and Jupiter and funniest of all how would Artemis and her hunters react to seeing a male merging with Lunamon to become the Digital Goddess of the Moon, Hunt, Water and Ice, and finally 5th if you choose Lunamon or Elecmon to be Percy's partner it would be because of the complmentry elemental abilities along Percy's own divine set would make Dianamon or Jupitermon far more powerful than the original Dianamon and Jupitermon and more powerful than Artemis and Zeus since Digimon Gods don't really require prayers to stay strong plus the only other element from the Digimon franchise I have is Data Squad with either Sally or Percy as the commander of D.A.T.S. a special taskforce in keeping both the Human/Olympian world and Digital World safe ... and keep Artemis from trying to hunt the innocent Digimon that somehow slip through the barrier between worlds.
Digivice design could be a fusion between the 2020 Adventure Digivice, the D, Ark from Tamers and the Omnitrix from Ben 10: ALIEN FORCE
9/8/2020 c1 Arraia
Perfect and update soon please
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