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for MHA: New Shadow

11/24 c21 3RonaldM40196867
Great meeting.
11/8 c20 Starlord Master
Never cross a badass!
11/8 c20 RonaldM40196867
Nana is very good.
11/2 c9 NoNoSquareBoi
That's stupid. Bakugo is stupid.
11/2 c8 NoNoSquareBoi
So, they are all childhood friends huh. Also, damn that scene with Rei was fast.
11/2 c4 NoNoSquareBoi
So, Izuku actually went to UA in this AU. Did he go in general studies cuz I don't see him using his quirk.
11/2 c2 NoNoSquareBoi
Ah yes, the best way to take revenge on Bakugo, don't do anything to him and make sure he does it to himself.
10/29 c19 Starlord Master
All For One is a determined bastard.
10/27 c18 Starlord Master
At least Momo is happy.
10/5 c17 Starlord Master
Hooray! The I-Island has been saved!
10/4 c16 Starlord Master
Redemption is a possibility.
10/2 c15 Starlord Master
Swordkill is on the move.

Happy October!
9/30 c14 Starlord Master
Sweet ideas.
9/30 c14 Starlord Master
Never change, people.

This is rich!
9/29 c13 Starlord Master
This rocks man!
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